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that's simple, for those who want transparency and FOSS, blocking, hidding etc must be handle on user side.
Primal try to build trend algorythm. Human will always try to game this kind of algo (see steemit history). This basically cannot scale.
Great but my fear is about relay overload. Won't this type of padded/fake/encrypted message overload the relays ?
Last version is running very well without crash. You should grab it from github.
That's sad because Nostr do more than social network. For example, distributed market (service, good, AI).
The great thing is you can cherry pick some features/NIP (or build you own) on Nostr for your app and hopefully you don't need to necessary deal twitter like stuff.
Thank you so much for your feedback and your encouragement 🤩
Oups. That's a silly bug -_-". That's now fixed. Thx for your feedback
oh yes you an use gooey.ai/ if you can spend fiat instead of sats.
Nope. You just need in DM to run the following command (for 1000 sats) deposit 1000
Then the bot returns a lightning invoice (available for payment for 1 hour)
The bot itaelf is running on a vps. The model generation part is based on sinking.ai because need ram and vram.
Sad nostr.com is misleading.
The bot has been renamed to StableArtMaker (because the previous version has been blocked by midjourney).
Cool idea. I'm trying to accept an offer. After setting amount and bitcoin adress, nothing :/
what if complete Nostr integration in stacker news ?
Feel free to test it. This watchtower run on a OCI free tier with a pruned bitcoin core.
You can add it with the following command.
lightning-cli registertower 0307da87218ac661561685318a89272e1d750f2635ba6c009d290efd8931f98cef@
Pre requirement, you need to install watchtower client
Nope, it's mined pub key a la bitcoin proof of work. It's about leading 0000 in pub key.
I can be used (on client side) to filter pubkey in a global feed.
Nostr cannot be used if you only use your relay (because nobody is using it).
Like twitter, if need to add some layer of privacy. You can use a VPN or Tor. It can be cool to have some relay deployed on Tor.
In fact when your lightning node is hosted at home, when you want to connect it to an app on clearnet like lnbits, satdress etc... You need to use a VPN connection or open some port on your router.
Nostr is used to create an asynchronous and bidirectional channel. Much more, you can use the wrapper with a lot of app (need some integration) with tightly coupled scheme.