1982 stacked

If I had the financial means, I'd go for as many as possible, but since money is a factor, I'd be happy with 3 (currently have 2)

Can you define "standard social apps UX"? I'm currently using Damus and have zero issues, works exactly like Twitter, but you can zap.

I've also tried other clients while putting together the linked website above, and at least a few of them work very well (I don't have android to test amethyst but I hear it is good too).

Just curious what it is that you feel is holding nostr back?

  1. Push out little banks
  2. Nationalize large banks with unlimited backing
  3. Blame "crypto" banks for all the problems, shut those down too.
  4. Install CBDC (don't worry folks, we'll take care of you, oh and... free money for all!!)
  5. Fight bitcoin
  6. Fail.
  7. Regime change
  8. We win.

First heard at $3, mined until $30 (2012? Not sure). Sold. Popped in and out around 2013. Left Back in 2017. Crashed. Back in 2020 - stayed.

look at the categories on the left: -3d content

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  • Audio
  • Templates
  • Courses / ebooks / books
  • any kind of digital asset (games for example)
  • Educational stuff
  • etc