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Trying to understand BR-C20

You, again with your answers without sense!!!

Sunday Time:

Time for ourself, and today in my case, i ve invited friends for lunch (paella)

Enjoy the day :)

Mining difficulty adjustments are made by comparing the standard time it should take to find 2,016 blocks of transactions on the Bitcoin network to the time it took to find the last 2,016 blocks. Keep in mind that the accepted block time is 10 minutes. Therefore, the expected time for mining 2016 blocks is 20,160 minutes (that is, 2016 X 10 minutes). The network calculates the total time it takes to mine the last 2,016 blocks. The ratio of the standard 20,160 minutes (10 minutes x 2,016 blocks) to the time it took to scale the last difficulty epoch is then multiplied by the most recent difficulty level. The calculation yields a result that will determine the required percentage change in the mining difficulty that will bring the block time to the desired 10 minutes. That said, an error in the original Bitcoin protocol makes difficulty level adjustments based on the previous 2,015 blocks instead of the theorized 2,016 blocks. While a 10-minute block time is the goal, the mining difficulty cannot be altered above or below four times the current difficulty level. The upper limit for each difficulty epoch is a +300% change, while the lower is a -75% alteration. This rule is put in place to eliminate any abrupt changes in mining difficulty.

I know what you mean.....

and i do not know between what is written/said and the reallity!!!

Hi it is friday :) I m planning a trekking for tomorrow or sunday: DISTANCE TOTAL: 15.44 km Go up:1456 m.+ Go down:1400 m.- Highest pic :2279 m. Lowest zone:957 m.

let s cross the fingers that politcians and companies starts to look inside and become peacefull/lover/joyfulll I know i m a dreamer but who konws!!!

I got lazy and returned to miracle grow a few years back.

miracle grow ????

Thks for the support :)

i ve orchidea that does not florished so much so i start to dig it in the internet. And i found that one of the solution is water+banana skin ...

Also i ve a citrus where the leaves are turning to yellow and this could come from a lack of calcium (where you can find it eggs)

they try what they can as they have hands attached ... it s better than nothing, no ?

I m testing natural fertilizers for my plants:

-Water and banana (2 liter of water with a banana skin infused for 48hours) for orchidea and other plants... -Egg Shell (dry and then crush) for all my plants

I m testing natural fertilizers for my plants:

-Water and banana (2 liter of water with a banana skin infused for 48hours) for orchidea and other plants... -Egg Shell (dry and then crush) for all my plants

You too, you feel superior, intelligent.... i wonder what is wrong with you guys!

I was just asking a question (not a judgement or whatever you feel ...)

I pity you

What is the point of giving this kind of answer? as always, you know how to talk to people!!! It seems that you are doing all things in your life correctly without any mistakes... it must be boring and not living!!!

I ve tried Chatgpt and this is answer

Relai is a Bitcoin investment app that allows users to easily and quickly purchase Bitcoin through their bank account or credit card. Here are some potential pros and cons of using the Relai app:


User-friendly interface: The Relai app is designed to be easy to use, making it a great option for those who are new to Bitcoin investing.

Fast and efficient: The app allows users to purchase Bitcoin quickly, with transactions usually being completed within a few minutes.

Low fees: Relai charges a flat fee of 1% for all purchases, which is lower than many other Bitcoin investment apps.

Secure: Relai uses a multi-signature system to ensure that users' Bitcoin is kept safe, and the app also employs other security measures to protect against hacking and theft.


Limited functionality: Relai is primarily designed for buying and holding Bitcoin, and does not offer the same range of features as some other investment apps.

Only supports Bitcoin: While Bitcoin is the most well-known cryptocurrency, there are many other digital assets available, and Relai does not offer support for any of them.

Not available in all countries: Relai is currently only available in certain countries, so users in other regions may not be able to access the app.

No fiat withdrawals: While Relai allows users to purchase Bitcoin using fiat currency, it does not currently offer support for withdrawing funds back to a bank account or credit card.

Overall, Relai may be a good option for those looking for a simple and secure way to purchase and hold Bitcoin, but may not be the best choice for more advanced cryptocurrency investors.

Will you agree or add something on it ?

Just prepared my sdcard where i uploaded music for my car :)

Looking for a job...but not easy after 50 years old :(