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You are right.!! No Comments.

I got i got it. without branches, stones and sad bones on the riverbed and mud. Lighthing up only with bitcoin brilliant. My mistake my mistake...

It's hard to say but. You are absolutely right. It's just propaganda and not even that.

I mean my own doubts.... Bitcoin is compelling but I would need to walk the risk to be able to experience how wonderfull can be.

With gratitud: "the wind always favors the traveler who knows his course".

"Opening up to the possibility of chossing is Opening up to transformation. There is nothing outside of your mind. Look inside yourself to be able to go outside your journey". I't doesn't brother me taking a few moments to get something."

"To live an intencional life you have to have two things: a strong desire to live the best life possible and the will to live it that way each and every day. If you have BOTH you can Jump."

It's Amazing.!! Just presss on the beam and that's it...one tought: "To Jump you need to have Talent".

Who can guess the exactly moment when World is goin to change? Is in that moment precisely that for some unkwown reason, suddenly we achieve the necessary strenghtto to hold on to something or to let go.!! You are absolutely right.!!