Just released my latest single on Fountain App. I know this platform is for podcasts rather than music, but guess it could work the same..? Want to release my songs early on this V4V platform before any legacy streaming platforms as an incentive for my current fans to switch to this new model. Is this a good idea?

You can listen here > https://fountain.fm/episode/11413454128

Would love to get feedback!


Definitely need more of this. Sound quality in my car was excellent.

that's awesome! I will be uploading more as I release new tunes. Stay tuned for updates. Want to release on fountain before any other streaming services!

My daughter walked by while I was playing your song and gave you a thumbs up. I think this is worth a shot. People used to spotify may find it awkward at first, but perhaps it will become common.

I'll take a thumbs up! haha and yeah, the main barrier is people being able to fund their fountain wallet. We need a strike or some easy fiat onramp in the UK and I will push this hard to all my listeners

It can absolutely work the same. I released music on V4V under the name Lightning Music Player to experiment with the same idea. Keep an eye on wavlake.com / @wavlake, my dude 👀⚡️🎵

Keeping a close eye on Wavlake and all things V4V!

Very cool. I’m looking forward to the creation of an app that really caters to musicians being tipped w sats. I’ve pondered the simplest way to get something like that up and running - whether it’s a busking-style live stream or the ability to stream recorded songs. Not a programmer so I’m not sure what the simplest, cleanest iteration would look like. Would love to support the birth of that kind of app any way I can — I may have purchased a domain name a while back for just that purpose.

would be awesome! The perfect scenario would be to host your own music on a node or personal server and stream that direct to listeners for sats to your own node. We're a long ways from that though...

Agreed non-custodial, decentralized is ideal but I’d like to see more mainstream-oriented music, video, even text-based content apps that use a low-friction custodial model like sn and fountain. Imho @k00b and @oscarmerry are pointing the way towards the type of really exciting innovations that content creators have been pining for.

That almost sounds like it would fix the entire music industry

I think its an awesome idea! If more artists post their songs there, then we might see a “music only” category there one day 🤞

The devs said it's in the works!

The Bitcoin maximalists here will crucify me, but you could also upload to Audius. Listeners there can tip you with the platform's $AUDIO token.


I have no interest in accepting anything other than sats... :)

@k00b please build stacker.music

I don't understand why fountain.fm doesn't have a volume slider on their web player. I nearly blew out my ears when it started playing on full volume.

sorry... I didn't think about that... :/

Nothing to do with you, just the website design is weird. :)

bad idea 👎 check my words in 2 years

maybe, but Spotify is already robbing us blind so no harm in trying this too...

That's weird — I was just thinking why no one has applied Fountain's model to music.

Nice song!

small step, but someone had to do it. Now I just need to get other artists onboard!

I'm not sure if this is even possible, but it would be great to create some kind of app/addon that connects to spotify and streams sats to creators who want to get it. Big musicians probably won't care, and that's fine. But for small creators it can be interesting + fans can influence them to get into bitcoin and get direct support. Right now spotify pays around $0.0033 per stream (says google) = 20 sats.

Spotify will never do this because it will undermine their business model. They have huge fixed costs and those costs need to be covered by the money that should be going to artists... Broken system...

Yes, great idea. Going to listen now.

Was in a band for years in my 20's. Maybe I will put one of our songs on fountain too.

Cheers, GR

awesome, do it! I need company haha

Love it - I do agree with others that some other app will pick up this market but I like the ingenuity! Fountain SHOULD add a music category and try to promote this.

that would be cool. Patiently waiting :)

I don't know if you can edit your feed through fountain to make it content type = music so it ends up in the music catagory in some apps like curiocaster.

that would be cool. I might make the suggestion. Maybe needs more music on there first

What about a whole album? I could imagine people playing that multiple times and the sat/min would be flowing

my debut album will be next! And will be available on fountain before spotify. You can count on it!

it is the future my brother do it! When the mainstream finds out about this it will be a game changer the talent will speak for itself good luck and keep it up!

absolutely. Want to make this a big feature of my interviews with radio / papers / blogs etc. Get the word out and get more artists on board. #boycottspotify #streaming2.0

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