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I think it has its place in the ecosystem, I think with countries like my own where electricity is not a given, having a back up you can use to keep routing payments is important

LN Bits, hand down my biased favourite and I think more people should be using it, its the WordPress of lightning, no better way to fuck around and find out

Lol indeed, now that I am not part of that crowd I enjoy watching the cope and hope of noobs who FOMO going up and FOMO going down

As liquidity grows and businesses and eventually governments can clear transactions with limited slippage they'd be silly not to leverage the cost savings of bitcoin

From my grasp of it,The cantillon effect is an absolute rule as long as the network effect is not broken, while the government/banks/well-connected are increasing their share of the pie by printing the pie itself is getting smaller

If my % of the ownership of the Lira increases but what I can buy/people are willing to sell me for Lira decreases then it lessens the effect. As more people move to USD for example, your claims on others' savings and goods and services lessons.

As printing continues to consolidate Lira purchasing power you get a few people with a lot of lira and a lot of people who won't accept it.

I earn a modest income, but I maintain a credit card for emergencies, holding a reasonable amount of cash in South Africa, you're asking to get gutted, so I choose to be gutted by 1000 cuts via the bank instead.

I do withdraw cash directly from my credit card though so I try to keep that transaction footprint on credit cards small, and only when no option is available like an online purchase. Then I get all these credit card points which I never use so I just give them to family and get the cash or bitcoin for it.

I ensure I clearly my balance within 55 days to avoid paying any interest and would never spend more than I could replace within a month/2 months if something crazy happened like a major repair.

I don't have any loans of any kind, I think debt is part of the game, and can be useful, there have been times I've used my credit card to purchase bitcoin because I knew I could repay it pretty easily and not need to sell the BTC so that one worked out.

It's a slippery slope, though, the bank is constantly pestering me to increase my limits and giving me better rates so I can end up hanging myself.

Lol totally psycho, I think that it's about who can tolerate the most "pain", do you want modern comforts now that fiat marketing sells you or do you want the comfort that bitcoin affords you in the future?

Indeed its about putting it into practice and being tested every day, those with more battle experience are hardened to temptation and will end up with more bitcoin and thefore a greater claim on future production, goods and services

I agree, the longer they take to catch on, the more of the bitcoin network the average person can gobble up and own which is all good with me

Now to hook up the rest of the brics nations and thats a large dollar demand that is about to go bye bye, I wonder how long these countries will take to realise that building their own swaplines is a waste of resources and they can just settle via bitcoin

I guess its a "better" use case for eating up that block space than silly jpegs, I wonder if there will even be a market for these transactions after the hype dies down, if no wallets are supporting it, why would people bother? I just think this will be an out of sight out of mind thing

Very cool, making it easier to get access to all the featuers of LN only helps people take more control of their funds and feel the need to be less reliant on custodial services

Welcome! And honestly shedding the shackles of the lies and half truths that were sold to you by shitcoiners is only one more step down the rabbit hole, still lots to learn and I hope your journey is filled with plenty of valueable lessons and you can help the next person

All the best as you take on maxi status and all the hate thats going to come with it

Lol oh no ones using lightning

Absolutely heart breaking for the people who have agreed contracts for salaries and cant get out of it and the suckers who think that the bank is offering them any kind of yield, if they're not already crushed this will surly do it

I am amazed at how much pain fiat maxis will take, in my mind Lebnanon should be bitcoin country by now, but I guess they will dollarise first and let the fed steal whats left of their country

Congrats to JB55, now its up to the plebs to get that up moving up charts, start adding reviews and get it into the normiesphere

I would say it's already made it, the parallel system has been established, to me its like saying the internet hasn't made it because theres still a few billion people not using it yet

Does having a centralised DNS really affect a large enough part of the population that it is needed? Personally, I don't think so! I've seen this same fringe thinking when ENS, Unstoppable domains, and namecoin came around and I just don't see it,

If you had content that you feel would get you flagged and your domain taken down just spin that up on a tor version of the site.

Lol how the hell can they get bonuses for losing peoples funds, sounds very wall street to me

Lol only apple users on nostr are the few people who got the damus test light invite most people are using browsers and small fraction are using android clients, but hey to each their own, no ones forcing you to use it