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I am originally a musician and sound engineer, but decided to learn how to code after learning about Bitcoin in 2016. Currently working on a yet to be released Progressive Web App (PWA) that will allow you to trustlessly connect to your Core Lightning node. Initially the functionality would be similar to a payments app like Cash App, but the goal is eventually create a fully featured node manager UI. The project lives on Github and will be public and fully open source soon!


Hey, cool to see another musician / sound engineer in the community. Welcome!

Thanks! Yeah I love that Bitcoin brings in people from all walks of life. You are a muso as well?

That I am! If you send a dm to @frstdrgn on Twitter, we can connect non-anonymously from there (and no pressure if you’re not comfortable with that)

Nice one, yeah will reach out!

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Welcome ab! 🤗 Love the wallet name and logo

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Thanks Keyan! Looking forward to getting it out in to the world for everyone to try. I am a massive fan of SN, so thanks for your amazing work. Very inspiring.