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I did so much homework in the past I overdid it. Now that I know my interests better... Wish I could stop myself wasting time 'School' is mostly not interested in who you are. Lucky to have a teacher who can guide you towards yourself. Your lack might be a blessing.

A hard to swallow truth for sure. Even if you were told. Welcome to the real world.

Ah same. My parents actually had a sailing boat, but puberty you know ...

I really hope that's a joke. Otherwise a good movie script for The Dentist II: Insurance Dystopia.

Interesting indeed! Wen strike Europe?

Max 20% of those assets could move to Bitcoin. That's another 540 billion.

Interesting. For the moment I get all what I need from Notion, and I like the simplicity and look. And don't want to overcomplicate it. However I can imagine I might need this when I'm gonna need more functionality. And need to program up stuff. Also that goto function looks handy. Thanks for the suggestion.

Really want to recommend using https://www.notion.so here to organize your work when you have a lot of research, reading or writing to do.

I'm doing a lot of research now on Bitcoin and Mythology as I want to write an article. Though the resources and notes I'm using was too much to handle. This app is really amazing.

I know this sounds like a corny advertisement, but I'm really blown away by the clarity and productivity gain I got from it. This book read girl youtuber has a great tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4bxpsvcW2mc

I found this because I was actually looking to buy my mom a book, so I started watching these girls read book channels. Telling ya, they know how to organize!

Darn now I messed up the 420.

Absolute gem of a piece here from the Citadel21 library written by @point_btc. Almost 2 years old now, about the same time I became a maxi. It describes in great language how new maxis enter the network.

It reminds me really of how I got dragged down the rabbit hole and as a way of expressing myself I started making bitcoin graffiti. The following part is so spot on:

"Once a person has passed the event horizon of Bitcoinโ€™s gravity well, the diverse backgrounds of those drawn in cast out explosive bursts of radiation traveling at different frequencies, which are then picked up by those receptive to them."

Through the graffiti I could form these new connections with Bitcoiners. Very glad I did what I did and started connecting at these new frequencies.

Haha, very original answer appreciate it. Show 'em who got their myths down!

Oh dude @k00b it's actually loading tweets now. Very nice.

This @Laisee thing looks pretty nice. I didn't know one could have some kind of virtual open dime for lightning.

Like the Netherlands profited from it and became the world power and holding the reserve currency for a while.