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this book is terrible. hands down not worth anyone's time. i had to stop halfway through.
in that case it sounds terribly bad where funding cannot be cancelled without some threat of impeachment of future president
yes, develop trust at a mint then run it quietly at a fraction of reserves for a long long time in secret
taxes. they want to know who to audit and how to estimate your earnings
10,000 IU of Vit d daily 25mg zinc daily 2mg of copper daily
they are bigger than a public company such as SDIG
this is crazily unbelievable
bingo. this doesn't add up and don't forget the electricity cost on top of the capex build out
because it will be a black hole for international bond funds.
no one will buy mid tier sovereign debt
yes and if you own MSTR then you already have coinbase exposure
any easy way to track the bitcoin/share ratio of mstr?