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Totally agree with your answer, but my intensions is to feel more or less what the users of SN think about the Ordinals.

Editing a long video for my BTC Youtube channel (https://www.youtube.com/@criptopanas) about Bitcoin Nodes, solving many doubts about it. Will be published next week.

Here you have a very good manual to DIY, is in spanish but easy to transalate. Made by @lunaticoin and his team.


Welcome to Stacker News! My comment is to focus on Bitcoin and forget about the shitcoins.

A couple of years ago a dev was developing a Bitcoin Wallet for Blind people, I lost track of this project but maybe you are interested.

Here is an article about it: https://bitcoinist.com/creating-worlds-first-bitcoin-wallet-blind/

"Freedom is the ability to be responsible for your own actions when you don't need to be govern by others."

As every week, I'm working in a new video.

This time is about Nodes (on chain & LN) and why are they very important to the network, the video will be available (in Spanish) next week on my Youtube channel (https://www.youtube.com/@criptopanas)

I just finished a new video about Liquid Network, it will be release in my Youtube Channel next week.

After learning about L-BTC, I couldn't find a good use case from my point of view.

En Youtube tienes a Papa Bitcoin (Juan Rodriguez) y BTC Andres. Todo depende del tipo de contenido que estés buscando.

Totally agreed with your last sentence.

But your first line is not quite correct. I know that for you who surely live in BTC you consider FIAT a shitcoin and you don't need to use it, but not everyone who uses SN is in that same situation and the price of BTC vs USD is relevant.

I'd suggest you to focus on ways to buy SATS KYC free and for this goal, the options are limited:

If you have any question, do not hesitate to ask for help.


Proof Of Solvency should be the standard.

Solo en caso de que alguien necesite un tutorial en Español sobre opciones para comprar BITCOIN sin KYC:

Thanks for sharing it!!!

AddSlice is a good way, is an extension for your Browser and they show you adds while you watch youtube videos and get paid in SATS.

Here is my referral link in case you want to use it: https://addslice.com/?crew=3XJ5K

Believe it or not, there is people living in Venezuela or Argentina who are not as bitcoiner as you...And they want a way to see an evolution of the price (or devaluation) of their currency against btc.

Thanks, I'll take a look to it!

I'm doing my weekly video tutorial, this time is about Starbackr, the social media platform, where the content creators can receive SATS or sell their work for SATS.

Video coming out soon!

Excellent post! Thanks for sharing it Mr @DarthCoin