2409 stacked

Bitcoin/Lightning enthusiast:

I run some miners, bitcoin hubs, and lightning nodes. #Bitcoin2023

Stuff I am learning about:

Voltage, Thunderhub, BTCPay Server, Umbrel, WordPress, Stacker News, LNMarkets, Compass Mining, Slushpool, and all lightning wallets.


Books.com (1st online retailer), Flashline.com (early web services company), Sideways.com (failed digital publisher), StartMart (co-working), Flashstarts.com (startup accelerator), and angel investor.


Welcome aboard!

Welcome cstack! 🤗 Impressive resume!

And already I have a suggestion. I saw where someone tipped you 500ksats for TOR development.

Post top ten proposed features and have users vote with their sats to 'fund' development.

Thanks for the suggestion. Many users have shared similar desires. It might be worth creating a separate part of the site, a sub, that allows users to post features and upvote them.