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Its getting to a point where people are taught how to read only so they can control them
The internet will disappear, i dont know when but its just a matter of time. The path forward as far as i can see is forming or joining smaller IRL communities that are self sufficient. The money will be decentralized, based on silver perhaps. And the smartest and best prepared communities will be the biggest/strongest. Its a great reset if you will. Have a nice day.
If Luke Dashjr is a Bitcoin developer then Bitcoin adoption is using the software he contributed to. Unless using it by proxy/custodian for lack of a better term maybe that can qualify as adoption too.
If you can join the mob and turn into it a law abiding organisation then you can become president and shrink the state and give the people freedom but thats not how things work. But lets see
its black friday so its good time to try and a get GrapheneOS compatible phone on sale
I increased my energy and lost the weight i gained in the last 10 years by making some changes in diet and creating a eating window and sticking to it (from 10am to 5pm).
nobody wants to hear this but the carnivore diet is an elimination diet. it is not sustainable in the long run because among other things your microbiome needs plant fiber
The only problem is that plants can cause all kinds of issues due to their chemical self defense systems among other things, so you need to introduce each one slowly and in its proper state, to figure out which ones you can tolerate and which ones you cant.
A good rule of thumb is fermented plants. They are like a life hack. Increased shelf life, increased benefecial bacteria, and a breakdown of the toxic compounds or the compounds you are just allergic to in most cases. But thats not all. But i dont want to bore anyone further. Have a nice day
I am studying what the optimal food is, the optimal condition for the human body as a whole, how it heals and what prevents it from healing and getting into all the details plus more. It is fascinating.
The more i learn the more i realize how much better the standard American diet can be and how wrong the governments dietary recommendations are. I will not be able to change this, but the goal is to try by boiling it down into easily digestible material and sharing it somewhere no pun intended. Getting anyone to learn about diet and to go through with any changes before its too late may be just as hard as explaining Bitcoin but probably just as important. Have a nice day.
I agree. The weather has been bad but the ship is very stable. It is a bit noisy and vibrating i think that cabin was located near engine room, but its worth the money imo. Fjordline, $100 to cruise for a 2 night cruise with ocean view, if you get a cheap ticket and pay in NOK and there usually is cheap tickets. Food is not included but they have great food options on board if you dont bring your own.
The internet on board is kind of useless, but since you are likely spending most of the time awake in Norwegian fjords you can use your mobile internet with EU data and its like 100 mbit+ with perfect coverage (Assuming you have ocean view?).
So i guess this is my review of Fjordline mini cruise. Apparantly im the only person doing this cruise right now and the crew was a bit suprised i was even doing it (Its some kind of hybrid ferry with cruise options, a massive car and cargo deck and normal passenger traffic that goes between Norway and Denmark). But it seems like good value for money and something a bit different. So maybe more people will start doing it. That is my rant for today i think :) Thank you for reading and have a nice day. Take care.
I am now stranded due to bad weather. The ship wont proceed until tomorrow afternoon. They upgraded my cabin with complimentary food and minibar as a compensation even tho this weather is not their fault. Being frugal and having brought my own food im not sure how i feel about this. I guess its allright. Not sure why im sharing this? Take care stackers.
Sailing in Norway
im 176cm and in august i hit 82kg. Decided to turn things around now im down to 67kg. The goal is try reach 59kg and if i dont look too skinny or feel weak i will try and keep that weight. For maximum nimbleness? Have a nice day
I only have internet via my mobile phone so i tether it to my laptop when im at home. Right now the whole setup is drawing 5w from the outlet. That seems too little. The laptop is powered, the phone is powered, the laptop screen is near 100% brightness too. And the browser is open with multiple tabs. for 5 watts it seems. I could probably produce that kind of energy with a treadmill.
i am very happy about Debian 12 but it seems the power consumption is significantly higher than windows 10 which is a deal breaker for me. in windows it was about 12 watt power consumption during medium work load but in debian 12 its at 20 watt. even when disabling cpu boost which i also do on windows, and switching the cpu governer to conservative :) sad. Back to windows
Now that i have changed to Debian 12 from Windows 10 i feel slightly more ready for a digital future
Oil consunption needs to dramatically decrease. It will happen. But the question is how bad the transition will be.
There is only about 50 years left of oil in all known oil deposits. I am concerned that forcing the transition away from it will make things worse. By forcing i mean subsidisies and tax breaks to alt energy. Because we dont really know what type of alt energy source is viable then and then when the oil supply start decreasing, we are kinda screwed?