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In terms of digital life, I would set things up as follows:
Phone - pixel 7 running GrapheneOS. Enable airplane mode and don't use a sim.
Mobile Internet - Mudi VPN Router. Stick a PAYG, data only sim card in this. Install Blue Merle to randomise your IMEI every time you change the sim. Use MullVad VPN (pay with lightning)
SMS - subscribe to a number on https://crypton.sh, no email account needed, pay with lightning. You can use this number for banking apps etc.
Public Messaging - Nostr
Private Messaging - use Simplex Chat. Much better than Nostr as there are no identifiers.
Home Internet - set up a VPN router as described here
Laptop - be sure the Intel ME is (or can be) disabled, and booted using CoreBoot. In the US, purchase from Librem. In the EU, Tuxedo.
Laptop OS - if you have linux skills, use Qubes. Else use a free distro like Debian. If you're new to Linux, use Ubuntu or Mint.
Home Server - get an Embassy Pro from Start 9. Can run Nextcloud, BTC Node, Lightning, Bitwarden (which can be both password manager and TOTP authenticator) and much more.
Bitcoin Vault - set up a multisig using at least 2 manufacturers. Here's a good guide: https://github.com/fresheneesz/tordlwalletprotocols
Hot Lightning - Phoenix or Blixt. Not Muun! Every time you spend all your satoshis, open a new wallet for greater privacy.
Purchasing Bitcoin - Robosats
Multiple identities - much easier with Qubes, but otherwise use different VMs for different identities. This helps to avoid accidentally using the wrong one. With graphene you can also multiple user accounts on your phone for different reasons.
Try and keep at least 2-3 months of spending money in Cash. When sh*t hits the fan, the ATMs will be empty. Keep water and tinned food at home. Don't tell people your real name, if you can help it. Never EVER give your number out (it's best if you just don't have one).
If you own your own domain you can create 'catch all' emails which means you can give a different email to every service you sign up with.
Avoid any software from these companies entirely:
  • Facebook (use signal with crypton.sh sms over whatsapp, ditch insta / fb)
  • Microsoft (use gitlab over github, nostr over linkedin, linux over windows)
  • Google (self-host email or use protonmail, nextcloud over drive)
Have a home CCTV system, if your jurisdiction allows. Do NOT use amazon, build one with a raspberry pi or old android, so that the footage never leaves your network.
Always pay in Bitcoin or Cash. If you must use the banking system, start a company, and make payments from the company account.
Don't purchase, or allow in your home:
  • Smart TVs
  • Alexa or similar
  • Oculus headsets
  • Anything that can send audio, images, or other sensory information to servers you don't control