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We've been waiting for sat peso parity for a long time; if Peluca keeps his promise to destroy the BCRA we might never get there
What does this mean? He confirmed that closing down the central bank is non-negotiable
Give the guy some time. He's not even president yet.
Of course I'm not saying they can't come up with some WEF compliant shit eventually however your reasoning is way far fetched
Isn't Libretube better? I think newpipe hits google's servers directly
I don't recall, were you in Arg? I totally agree re: whatsapp, it can be very hard to ditch it here. Just ask someone to send you an sms or use simplex, lmao
It depends on your life context. Maybe you can pull it off. If you're young, regularly meeting new people, NOT having it can be a net negative.
Do you have sources for Santiago Caputo's link with the WEF? I can't find any
Yet they plan to do a lot of things that are the opposite of WEF policies. We'll see, maybe they sell out. I don't think they are saviors, only buying a bit more time and freedom to keep working on more definitive solutions like bitcoin and freedom tech
What I can for sure tell you that the peronistas were full onboard the agenda 2030, talking about climate change, CBDCs, etc
I think it's a bit of both because Milei's campaign was focused on removing privileges from "la casta" (the establishment, so perhaps similar to Trump when he promised draining the DC swamp).
So it's both a fuck you and hope for restoring what made this country once great (the liberal ideas of Alberdi, Sarmiento, Roca - 1880-1890s)
Tax are ridiculously high (IF doing everything 100% over the table) but no they won't reach 80%. But that would be possible if paid in foreign currency, paying taxes, taking out USD in pesos from the bank and reconverting to USD in the black market.
Clarifications: Yes, you must convert to pesos when you're paid from abroad, that is essentially how they steal from all exports (in particular agricultural, that on top of that are heavily taxed). And, why wouldn't you be able to buy USD with pesos again you may ask? Because buying is restricted, they'll sell you 200 USD a month IF you're lucky.
Yes I did. Wanting to destroy a central bank is not a good reason enough?
The problem is not that there is bad national government, but that nation-state government exists at all.
Agree, but for now we have to deal with what we've got.
I don't care too much about what he personally thinks ("I believe in science", whatever), I only care he doesn't push forced mandates. Fwiw he was very vocal against lockdowns and he even wrote a book called "Pandenomics"
As you say we'll see what happens but I'm fucking glad the pro-globalist leftard kirchneristas are finished.
Linus is known for having absolutely terrible takes
I don't know where all these bitcoiners got that he was very pro bitcoin, I agree with you, that's nonsense. As far as I know he only spoke once favorably about it and that's it. I've been following his Arg TV appearances on and off since 2017.
It seems that a lot of people who are not from Argentina and don't live here are talking bullshit.
And the same goes for the vax stuff. Do you even know who Espert is and what his involvement with La Libertad Avanza is? Please don't regurgitate cheap articles you see on the Internet. Milei said he chose to take the vax, for those stupid reasons I agree, but he also said it should not be mandated.
Who knows, he might be controlled opposition but in the context of what we need in Argentina this is positive.
No, the burden is not on me. Show me a recent clip of him saying that he will implement any Agenda 2030 policies when president, in fact, most of the things I've heard go against it. Listen to his interview with Tucker Carlson, listen to Victoria Villaruel, even Agustin Laje.
Also, zero hopium. I don't know who's funding him, probably zionists. I didn't invent this stupid democracy game but let me tell you the alternative was much worse.
In 2001, 1 peso = 1 dollar. In 2023, 1000 pesos = 1 dollar
Cantillion effect at its finest...
But zoom out that graph starting in 1930, it's way worse!
Some of his team members and close collaborators are very vocal against Agenda 2030 while the incumbent party was very pro Agenda 2030, CBDCs, etc.
I don't think any politician is a savior and he might fuck up but this post is lacking all nuance and substance.