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it's nice, but it's a bit unresposive

and it had a few crashes.

I want to try it again later.

IMO, Phoenix wins the UX/UI nonetheless. Very clean and simple. not too much going on.

I also think mobile apps need to use native comps, or the UX is just horrible. but let's see what they can build

agree. Let's give them some time. will try again in half a year

Of course it is slower, because it is actually using the lightning network, while on stacker.news only the internal db gets updated.

Stacker.news: click bolt -> update Database -> finished Nostr: Click zap -> fetch invoice via LNURL -> pay invoice from wallet -> wait for nip-57 note for confirmation ... there might be even more steps involved.

Point is, you can NEVER beat the UX of a centralized solution. This is a known trade-off. Centralized solutions work great, until they don't work at all (you get censored, blocked etc.)

That being said, i think the payment UX on nostr has still room for improvement and it probably will improve a bit over time, but it won't reach the UX you would experience in a centrally managed Payment solution IMO

I don't think so. Most nostr apps are completely client side, which means you load the events from the local IP. I'm not 100% sure about snort though.

So you basically load the app from your umbrel, and then the app runs locally and fetches the events without communication with your umbrel

that's how i imagine it SHOULD work.

Storing sats with custodians, it doesn't matter the scheme. They might rug you/fractional reserve.

At least with eCash there is some decent privacy benefits when using a custodian.

I'm a custodianship maxi, but i use custodial services all the time: WoS, stacker.news, ln.tips

they are just very convenient. I wish they would offer me better privacy and data security by using an eCash clearing system instead of storing sats balance on the db

I'm still curious about the long list tho

I think you could look at it that way, counting the devs as part of the system. But if you do that, they become the weakness. Attack the devs that fix the bugs & take down the system.

Devs are the white blood cells, fixing the system when it needs fixing, but there is nothing antifragile about that.

The system doesn't become stronger by itself. It literally needs devs to fix the bugs, or the system would die.

i read "decentralized" and "login with existing Instagram credentials" and that was it for me. Byebye.

houses are for living, not for investing. Change my mind

Awesome video! Couldn't be explained any better 🙏🙏

The only right move. Interoperate or be obliterated

congrats 🎉 on the update

Yes, it is custodial. It's main purpose is to provide a drop in replacement for custodial services (like Stacker news, wallet of satoshi, etc) to improve users privacy

pay per interaction:

Post a note: 1satoshi Pull a note: 0.001 Satoshi

Bounty goes to @pi ! i thought i could split the bounty among commenters, but i was wrong! so the lucky winner is @pi (randomly chosen)

summoning @DarthCoin , to post the pic of a horse pulling a car.

The faucet is broken, some sats are in there and don't get scheduled for distribution it seems. Thanks for testing, i will choose a winner of the 10k by tomorrow, so if you haven't commented your try yet, do it now!

the idea that everyone would run their own server is like 20 years old. probably not gonna happen