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50% correct on this one. Block is a great, growing company, they have a banking license now. That will be a 200 dollar stock in the next bull run. Coinbase is a disaster. Likely sold for parts down the road.

Me too. I posted this months ago as one of my Bitcoin business ideas.

And companies respond by saying "so you're saying raise prices 10% to reflect input cost increase and then another 5% to reflect borrowing cost increases. gotcha"

Von seems pretty open minded about bitcoin after talking with Bitcoiners on twitter last night. The art is pretty damn cool. Ultimate outcome is if he gets orange pilled and takes the fiat greenpeace gave him and turn it into Bitcoin.

Cry Harder Hindenburg. Block is a great company and will continue growing. Their customers love their products. Buy some shares, this is investment advice.

I put 2-5 but reasonably it would be longer if I was willing to take all of my savings, investments and equity in home to zero.

No but they will use it to their advantage if they can.

Pretty cool but would be cooler if it had a qr code inside that allowed purchaser to win a random number of sats.

Just what the world needed, a bitcoin version of babylon bee. I give the article a 5/10 but 10/10 for the writer being named Max Shaft.

(They say this cat Shaft is a bad mother)


Step 1: Don't trade cryptocurrencies Step 2: Buy Bitcoin today and move to cold storage Step 3: Repeat step two every day until you need to live off your stack.

Wouldn't you? Bitcoiners hate the exchange. Regulators hate them and all their "crypto" grifts have failed.

This is like an arsonist telling smokey the bear he doesn't understand fire prevention. Smokey knows his shit.

No one won the bounty. 50 sats for Undisciplined and Siggy for playing and 100 sats for Wumbo for correct winner. Thanks for playing guys.

I am glad things are going well for Pete's team. Pete annoys me and soccer annoys me more but it is a great experiment to show how Bitcoin can accelerate a brand.