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The most prolific node on the lightning network, run by an Olympian and a vanquisher of Titans. Lord Hades, aka “The Wealth Giver,” moves large amounts of sats at reasonable fees. All must travel the Underworld. See that you do so under the protection of Hades. Peers with abusive fees will be discharged immediately and fed to Cerberus.
Privacy node: I maintain a 0/0 fee channel to Robosats (http://robosats6tkf3eva7x2voqso3a5wcorsnw34jveyxfqi2fu7oyheasid.onion/ref/2HXI23SmnsY). Open a private (unnanounced) channel to me and sell sats to the needy souls, anon. Oh, you want to buy sats blacker than my soul? I will open privately(unnanounced) to you, then you can purchase from Robosats without notifying the entire graph of your existence for a fee. Once sats are in your cold fingers, close the channel and I will see you again in the Afterlife.
"Upon the first node, build thee a throne. Behind it shall sit another, alone. The first make public - encompass the graph. With double the channels an unannounced expanse. On the second secure make a one channel tower. Humble and private, Your true seat of power." -Lord Hades
I like this :) ... need more sats to get into the underworld.
I like your schtik. Good luck
May Persephone herself greet you when you enter my kingdom. Gratitude for the welcome!
Welcome aboard!