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Did you burn your access to the patoshi coins?

  1. Disclaimer: I don't have a business.
  2. BTCmap.org is there to provide this information. Now wherever I go I look on this map to check if I can spend some sats in the area.
  3. Just buy back sats you've spent as an addition to the DCA. Load a couple hundred bucks on a lighting wallet and give yourself a chance to support the adoption.

Hey!! ;)

But seriously: it's an excellent post, thank you.

Knowing about muun vs. others, I still use it for orangepilling, because the less friction on this stage, the better. And it's just hard to explain the initial 2000 or 3000 sats 🤷🏻

Thanks for this! I think it's important to add that:

  • The web-based clients are compromised, because of the browser security flaw. It's important not to put your private key directly into the browser. Instead use an extension called Alby to sign – the nostr private key can be generated and stored more securely in the Alby settings.
  • It's good to understand how the relays work: https://usenostr.org/#relays

I like the launch date.

Depends on how you define. Buying my first btc 2018, becoming a bitcoiner 2021. I'll mark 2021.

Yup, that's the issue. They figured out long ago how to repeatedly restart the fiat theft system. I hope they can't do this infinitely though.

I think you also are training them when you post anything online. Will you stop posting because of it? You can't stop an ocean wave. Learn to surf it.

It is, but with some bumps. I managed to do that, but first I sent some sats to my phoenix from elsewhere and after some time the transaction from robosats went through. But I paid a lot for the channel opening. I bought too much at a time, I think. For more than 100$ I would next time try onchain. Maybe I'm missing something though, my LN understanding is poor still. I guess I'll go ask ChatGPT ;)

Yup. King Solomon has been given a gift of perfect judgement, which actually indicates it's a superhuman skill.

Not that I defend them, but read the comments to the tweet - seems like it's FUD.

I voted p2p, but I did 2 and 3 as well.

I am a friendly maximalist.

There are moments in life, when it's good to strongly express something or even fight, eg. in defence against harm being done to us or others. But it still can and should be done in a respectful way. IMHO.