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Why are we all people from clases before 2014 pooled together?

because most of them are shitcoiners that now want to be bitcoiners... They heard about bitcoin in early years, but they said naaaah this is not so interesting, I will buy x shitcoin instead. And now there's a massive migration from shitcoins into bitcoin and want to "wash" their past pretending to be bitcoiners. Just larpers. Most of them know nothing about Bitcoin.

There's a big difference between "I heard about bitcoin" and "I used and learn about bitcoin" all these years. Some of them learned nothing.

Rare good DarthCoin take. These liars are denying their shitcoin phases

I can add to that: I notice that many shitcoiners still do not want to became a real bitcoiner, but want to shitcoinize the bitcoin world with their putrid mentality.

If your plan is to ride the next bitcoin wave and then sell it all for fiat (and not buy it back after the bust) then you are still a shitcoiner

In the beginning shitcoins were just a means to continue to use your GPU's when ASIC's started coming online to keep getting more bitcoin. People mined Litecoin and Darkcoin etc for more btc. I never thought litecoin would overtake bitcoin but why not mine it for more btc since we couldn't mine btc anymore? It wasn't long before all the mining services even automatically converted it to btc for you.

why not mine it for more btc

Exactly that mentality, promote the putrid shitcoinery. You simply sustain a shitcoin to exist. If shitcoins do not have lazy people to mine them, will never exist, simple as that.

Stop giving them ANY reason to exist.

What a strange reasoning. I can tell you that yes in the 2013 bubble there were people who thought "naaaah this is not so interesting, I will buy x shitcoin instead", but in the 2017 bubble there were also people who said that, and as you surely know since it was just 1 year ago, in the 2021 bubble also.

Didn’t want to make the poll list too large. I’m personally a 2021 class and tried to represent earlier options as <2014 = OGs before the blocksize wars 2014-16 = OGs during blocksize war 2017 = first parabolic rip that really brought bitcoin to mainstream forefront

Oh, I see. That makes sense. Thank you. :-)

this question may be too private for some, too painful for others

Why, aren't you anonymous here?

Reason's one might not be anonymous here:

  1. Not using Tor or VPN to browse stacker.news, therefor exposing IP address
  2. Withdraws linking a user back to their node.
  3. Not blocking third party url calls from post on SN that leak data

If someone is snooping on your network, they might be able to see what website you’re visiting, but the requests themselves are HTTPS, so you’re good

Liars, liars everywhere.

help me understand, what is the incentive to lie giving u dont get anything out of poll?

Probably street cred. But since the poll is anonymous I think people are lying to themselves as a coping mechanism.

looks like alot of 2017. interesting

bull markets are always more attractive :)

Depends on how you define. Buying my first btc 2018, becoming a bitcoiner 2021. I'll mark 2021.

Good point. Shaul it be the year we were Alt-Free?

I guess the question should be. When did you start to accumulate Bitcoin. People clicking before 2014 are probably thinking when they first heard or thought of buying.

Rare class of early 2019.

помогал сатоши(?))))