So not a whole lot new to report ...

  1. wot is now the ranking mechanism we use on the homepage and in comments
  2. I added search highlighting (I did this quick and dirty so it might interact with markdown weird) and exact matches rank higher
  3. we now show top spenders in top. surprise to even me: I'm a pretty big spender.
  4. there were some bugs here and there that I fixed

What I'll be working on over the next few days:

  1. the db is getting kind of slow as it has one CPU and 1 GB of ram, so I'll probably upgrade that (site might go down briefly this weekend).
  2. subtle design/readability enhancements
  3. I need to write up the first sub options we have so I can get some stacker feedback before choosing

Great progress!

I see an opportunity for SN development funding: tipping release notes:-) let’s go people, let’s send @k00b some sats!

15 sats \ 1 replies \ @gmd 4 Feb

Feature request: Still waiting for an optional % setting that automatically sends a small percent % of my sats tipped to SN. Would be a nice to opt in to send tips to SN that scales with use.

Kind of related, might be interesting to you.

the db is getting kind of slow a

Haha, .... I've noticed, but I was certain it was my flaky wi-fi or something.

It’s the notifications that’s particularly slow right?

It was just seeming to be less responsive, overall -- I was wondering to myself if maybe it was a DDoS attempt underway maybe, or something like database not indexed optimally, and now with it growing it being a problem than is observed, or something.

It could easily have been my wi-fi as well -- who knows. I'm not seeing the SN performance problems today, so if you didn't change anything on your side yet then the problem was likely on my end.

I added search highlighting

That is AWESOME!!!