is still in beta, double beta.

It's a bitcoin-only site for bitcoin hardware hacks. Lightning nodes, home servers, mesh networking and related stuff, crowdsourced and FOSS. I want to try and bring together the node-building hardware hacking community to make it easier for newbies and more anon.

Prices are fixed in bitcoin.

I need help to; -grow contributors and following -Tor integration -do some testing of the checkout -development of the crowdsourced dispatch and support methods -LN auth would be awesome -there are probably many things I don't know I need

I have a few friends involved but I am screen blind now and need some fresh eyes on this. Check it out. It is supposed to be fun! It would be great if you want to help.


This is gonna be fun!

Ok sounds interesting. 👌

thanks, I'm looking for some randoms to work with who can eventually become admins

Hi guys just an update, getting closer to being able to launch properly soon

-grow contributors and following = pretty good now -Tor integration = still TBC -do some testing of the checkout = works! -development of the crowdsourced dispatch and support methods = more to do -LN auth would be awesome = works!

Will be posting some more tasks and bounties soon

aha this thread is hard to find cyberpunk hardware search no worky, nice to see the boosts, lets keep it up