Satoshi's UTXOs

A thought experiment: Which is better for Bitcoin? Satoshi’s status as a living being remain forever in question, or if his UTXOs were to suddenly move to a permanently unspendable state?

Maybe Satoshi already "burned" his UTXOs by moving them to an address where he doesn't know the private key.

I wonder about the advancement of Quantum computing over time and the potential ability to break the current double elliptical cryptography. I believe Bitcoin the network will be able to defend itself by introducing Quantum-proof address types over time, and individuals can move their coins from legacy address types which may be vulnerable hypothetically.

It will be interesting seeing what happens to lost bitcoin and satoshis coins in this thought experiment.

взломают 256,сделаем 512 1024...биткоин уже защищён мыслью от взлома...

to jest dosyć wkurwiające gdy ktoś pisze nie po angielsku...

все в курсе кто как говорит.

dałem ci szansę, ale nie skorzystałeś, więc:


странный язык... иностранец? тебе стоит изучить математику

syntetic language, but you do understand...

что? вы создаёте один язык для всей планеты? на этой вот синтетике? нужен натуральный продукт для каждого! это будет лучше чем то что создаётся. язык должен нести структуру саморазвития.

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Government taxation and laws, but they can’t stop it now! Almost 14 years old

значит могут поиграть на налогах в биткоин... и собрать. несколько сатоши... так что ждём... через 5 лет просто смешно будет какие вопросы начнут задавать...

Waiting too long to adopt it.

Bitcoin is the future of money. And the sooner we all figure that out, the sooner everything gets better.


I honestly think Bitcoiners themselves are the biggest threat to Bitcoin and it's a massive blindspot. It's hard for people to hear because people don't like to self-reflect, but it's vital to think about it if we ever want to reach mass adoption.

Let's face it, the ''plebs'' or die-hard maxis often are very aggressive in their defense of Bitcoin and this can be very off-putting to outsiders. If you want to convince everyday people that Bitcoin can improve their lives and the lives of those around them, you have to be able to hear them out, address their concerns, and eventually let them make up their own minds.

Too many Bitcoiners live in their own bubble and dream of a utopian libertarian world without governments. Sorry to burst the bubble, but this has never happened and will never happen. If you want Bitcoin to succeed, you'll need to be pragmatic and realistic.

If circular economies aren't established before the arrival of CBDCs, it will be much more difficult for people to acquire Bitcoin.

Shitcoins pose a threat in the sense that people falsely associate "Bitcoin" with "crypto". The blowups of Luna / Celcius / FTX had nothing to do with Bitcoin, yet the regulation in response to this will no doubt attack Bitcoin users (Warren's proposed bill being the latest example).

A popular talking point is how Bitcoin will perform with a low block subsidy. I don't have much of an opinion on this and am waiting to see how fee markets develop over the next decade.