Yes, indeed can be a surveillance tool. But why nobody ask the REAL question: Who the fuck is that gov that wants to know my node operations and from where is coming ANY authority of them over my node?
Because THERE IS NO AUTHORITY if I do not consent to that authority. Why people are still chicken shit and obey all their orders and shit papers (laws), BUT NEVER question the authority?
Is so fucking simple to say it: I do not consent, fuck off, is not your damn business what I do with my own money, my own node.
Even if they know my UTXOs I don't give a shit. They can't do shit without my keys.
I do not consent
Since when has that stopped surveillance? Sorry, but the sovereign citizen shtick doesn’t stop them from showing up with a swat team
There's no such thing as "sovereign citizen". That, right there shows that you know nothing. You are just a pathetic statist.
Your words can’t stop a bullet lol