I didn't know about the mempool.space one but it's really trivial to detect. Wrote about it almost two years ago at https://abytesjourney.com/lightning-privacy/
Also don't forget about the recent amboss surveillance project, which they said they would walk back but continue to grossly collect. https://ambosstech.medium.com/lightning-balance-sharing-and-network-statistics-32e687a4db25
Unfortunately I feel like the incentives are for unprofitable nodes (which I'd wager is most) to give up their data (which mostly comprises of OTHER people's data) for money or additional services.
There's still so much to improve for lightning to be more private so still bullish, but it is pretty bad at a mass scale currently. Check out on going research at https://lightningprivacy.com
IMO the unprofitable noderunners will either shutdown, become profitable, or seek privacy/sovereignty. Unprofitable operators willing to snitch on their peers for sats are a growing pain.
But the faster we make snitching unprofitable, the faster we grow out of it.
I think this meme explain it all