The more knowledge the business owner had around Bitcoin, the more likely they were to accept Bitcoin as payment and adopt a self-custodial solution. The less knowledge they had, the more likely they were to simply rely on some custodial solution to handle all of their funds (or be wary around accepting or using Bitcoin at all).
Well said. It is like that indeed. I am not against a simple custodial solution, in the beginning of acceptance. In this way the merchant can see how it works, see how much volume could have, train well his personnel using BTC/LN etc.
Once is ready to do the step forward to a more sovereign solution, even the same payment processor provider could offer another solution, just providing the liquidity to his new own node.
The biggest problem is the liquidity management and understand how it works. A custodial solution as "frontdesk" sometimes is even better, as I described in this guide, because you can always move the funds at end of the day to your own wallets. mand in this way you are not exposing your final destination of your income to all the public.
But, yes, education is the key and is a long process.