This may have been written about already, but is ₿ the first exploration of into a new frontier that’s virtual rather than physical and features decentralization and value + scarcity? If so, I think this frontier could help humanity get to a steady state with our world’s limits with prosperity, and run for a good long time.
Every person discovers Bitcoin for themselves.
Also, virtual isn't the right word. Proof of work ties Bitcoin to the real world in a way that no purely virtual system would.
Take ETH for example. It's purely virtual now. It's a captured coin that's pretending to be Bitcoin while at the same time removing POW, the thing that makes Bitcoin and all it promises work.
Bitcoin isn't virtual. Bitcoin is the only thing that we can all verify that it's real.
Proof of work is objective. Everything else is stupid.
Bitcoin brings hope and is the key to financial freedom where your money can't be constricted to government policy. You become your own bank when you using Bitcoin. The concept backing Bitcoin covers energy, finance, work and a whole lot of entities.
I agree, Bitcoin is slowly but surely getting on to the right track, while usless coins like ETH are constantly cramming new useless features like POS instead of POW and because of all these useless features, the blockchain becomes so bloated and big that it becomes a NIGHTMARE for any future ETH noders to try and even attemt to install the blockchain.
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