I hate Forbes mag but wow shocked to see it get a MSM article

Indeed, it's a bit surreal. I just hope Nostr devs are ready to deal with a bunch of new users and spammers.

It's because spaceman bad is the current thing.

This is a Jab at Twitter/Elon Musk.. They know any story headlines Elon will bait clicks...!

Is this because they got funding from Jack Dorsey? If they are looking to topple Twitter then they should work on their user experience.

Clients and relays are getting better every day.

...and Facebook,Instagram,Snapchat,reddit,we chat, etc

Elon Musk, who wants to build a “Super App like oft-surveiled WeChat” may be a heroic figure for some, but the reality is that an arbiter of any kind who goes in and is able to suspend or ban somebody from a platform at their whim can’t be seen to uphold free speech.

Now they care about free speech and people getting banned from twitter!? 🤔😅

For those whose vpn exits are not favoured by forbes: https://archive.ph/ZyHFl

i cannot believe what a hit Nostr has become and in such a short time. The momentum is insane.

Time will tell. Elon has done great things at his companies!