A very well written helpful post. Well done. Thank you for this treasure trove of knowledge from your experience.
That being said, I feel that usually when we speak about onboarding businesses, we are looking at it from tech point of view. This is important, but only a part of the story. I do not hear any discussions on what it acutally brings to the merchant and how many customers use BTC as payment option after they implement it.
The reality is that a merchant is interested in profit and implementing a new "hip and cool" solution for payments might not end up the way they think it will.
With so many people onboarding new businesses, we are missing the other part of the equation. The actual effect of the payment solution it has on the business.
I understand that it is very much dependent who and where are the merchant's customers, but this information would also be very useful to have in order to orange pill new merchants or would at least help in selection of what type of merchants do well and put the focus there when selecting them for onboarding.
For example: I have heard that a certain bitcoin influencer, providing useful content on weekly basis to his community who has an eshop with merch to support his efforts sees less than 10% of online payments done via BTC. The rest is still fiat. Since you can assume that the niche customer here is interested in Bitcoin or wants to learn about Bitcoin, it seems quite a small %.
Does anybody have any other similar type of statistics from various industries which could help to get more perspective for us? Thanks much in advance