Building my own! A long time ago I was an active Twitter user, but if you're a power user Twitter has always left little to be desired. When major world events happen, I love being able to go to Twitter and see things play out in real time. It has always been a powerful tool for tracking info during events like this.
A good example is the Ukrainian war with Russia. The OSINT people relied on twitter heavily and I found that in order to track all the things happening accurately a signular feed could not work. I found Tweetdeck, which offers a completely different Twitter experience. I learned Tweetdeck was a third party service that leveraged Twitters API. Twitter later bought Tweetdeck out and has not developed it very much since.
The reason for that story is this. I am deeply attracted to the idea that I can build out my own experience from the ground up. If I want a multi feed experience, I can build that and build in any amount of filtering I want in order to surface the most important info.
And that is the beautiful thing. There is plenty of room for MULTIPLE clients to exist because each client can access the same data, but deliver a completely and radically different experience. Literally anything from old school BBS to a Reddit clone.
When the internet was released to the general public, people incorrectly assumed that meant the free and liberal flow of information. At best, that was always an illusion.
Nostr represents for the first time in the Internets history a truly free way to flow information in a way that is accessible via traditional networks, and not through networks such as Tor.
So let me be clear: I am stating that for the first time in human history, similar to what Bitcoin has done for value systems, Nostr allows for truly free and unfiltered flow of information. For better or for worse, that is important to understand and all of its implications.