I'm anti peer pressure. I will not be pressured into taking a shot I don't know enough about. I'd rather make my own decision. I will not bow down to the all-knowing climate scientist experts that seemingly 'know' what will happen. I will learn as much as possible for and against their arguments.
Similarly, I will not become an outrage machine in the opposite direction of the established outrage machine.
The answer to countering the crazy zealots, is not to become a crazy zealot in the opposite direction.
Instead we promote truth and learning. Those caricatures you outlined are simply noise, not signal.
When communities are small it is possible, but as they grow they all seem to become too noisy.
How much of the noise is product of human nature and how much of the noise is a product of the incentive mechanisms of the platform? Is Stacker News more resistant to these kinds of noisy clout chasing because it’s built on incentives directly tied to sound money?
I think much of it is incentive based. It seems that on a platform like stacker news there will be less noise because of the cost. However because it is tied to cost directly, advertisers can directly see the cost of promoting their message on the platform.
A cost that I can only imagine is way less than other places.