I hope you appreciate my high energy post here.
I suggest coming up with twice that many lessons, then pruning it back by cutting the least valuable parts out. That, or make it two semesters.
You also have some issues with the order.
You need to spend 2 lessons just on what Bitcoin is AND what it is not.
Then you need to talk about money itself. The history and strengths and weaknesses of each. Then you talk about how to construct the perfect monetary system. Then you explain that that's what Bitcoin is. Assign the book, Inventing Bitcoin. It's free here: https://www.swanbitcoin.com/inventing-bitcoin/
It's a great book that goes over exactly how to engineer the perfect money and monetary system that we know as Bitcoin.
At this point, you will have orange pilled the entire class. You job from here will be an absolute breeze.
If you have not blown everyone's minds at this point, you have really screwed up. There's only ever going to be 21 million BTC and they're still mining new BTC. In 1000 years, our ancestors will look at us with extreme jealousy knowing our opportunity to buy Bitcoin for so little money today.
Just make sure to prevent any shitcoiners by teaching why Bitcoin cannot be copied, or supplanted by something newer. Bitcoin is a discovery.
You need to talk AT GREAT LENGTH about the fatal flaw of every single crypto that's not Bitcoin. Talk about premines, proof of stake, hard forks vs soft forks, regular hard forks, centralization vs decentralization, securities vs commodities, etc. Don't just define the terms. Explain how they crush the future of the altcoin.
Every altcoin trends down in BTC terms. https://www.pricedinbitcoin21.com/landing Look up any altcoin. None of them beat BTC for long. Altcoins are for insider trading pump and dumps only.
Then you show the people how to use Bitcoin. Buying, holding securely, seed phrases, what wallets are, why reproducible open source wallets are a must for your mobile phone - https://walletscrutiny.com, lightning network, why holding long term is a must and why you should never sell for a loss.
I wrote my own book on this. It's hand written. I can maybe scan a copy for you if I'm properly motivated.
Oh wow! Thanks heaps for the feedback!!
I'll run a live sesh on the Bitcoin channel if you have time.. would love you to jump in 🙂
Thanks again! I'll take it all on board! 😁
That's really flattering.
I would be totally up for an anonymous written interview. My eloquence lies entirely in my written word. I prefer the extra time to consider and phrase all my responses.
When I'm speaking on the spot, I get so nervous that I can't even tell if I'm making sense.
I love talking writing about Bitcoin. And thinking about it. And teaching people about it.
I believe humanity needs to move to a Bitcoin standard ASAP, and the sooner we do, the better everything will get. "Fix the money, fix the world."
Education should be every Bitcoiner's top priority. There's a ton of development on the technical side of Bitcoin. But I think Bitcoiners tend to undervalue the importance of Bitcoin education, especially reaching out to new users.
It's important that we focus on growing the Bitcoin network. The orange pill is freedom. It's really feels like Morpheus freeing people from the matrix. Thus the term orange pill. It feels like that for both the old Bitcoiner and the new one.
There definitely needs to be an orange pill handbook with an accompanying advertising campaign.
The handbook needs to get right to the point. I already wrote a first draft. I guess I'll polish it up if I know there's going to be an audience for it.
Basically it's a 1-3 page per chapter kind of structure. I think the Saifadean Ammous book "The Bitcoin Standard" is well laid out, but it spends far too long to convey the ideas. That's the problem with books. To be most effective, whatever education material you create has to be compressed into the shortest amount of words without losing anything critical.
I thought a PowerPoint presentation type YouTube video with voice over might be a good way to covey the material clearly and powerfully. Plus it could be shared easily, which is good for the network effect.
A full college course on Bitcoin is great. But how many people are going to be able to consume that information? We need to scale this Bitcoin education globally to people without anything but a cheap Android phone.
Also, I really want mandatory Bitcoin education in schools. I'm angry this hasn't already happened. Are you telling me we don't have lobbyists working on this? Getting Bitcoin education mandated in American public schools is the single largest thing we could do short of getting Walmart to not only adopt Bitcoin Lightning, but pay its employees in LN sats.
I look forward to the day where every business pays their employees exclusively in LN sats. That's when everyone is forced to Bitcoin. That's how we get the laggards. Don't give people the chance to use anything but Bitcoin.