Is it already under some pressure? I can’t seem to query balances or pay.
Ok will try to explain it so to be clear to everybody (I discussed with fiatjaf).
The bot server was hard to maintain (channels, database, bugs etc). Fiatjaf is very busy at the moment with so many stuff on his head (NOSTR, OBW, Cliche, Poncho, etc) and this bot was occupying a lot of time.
ALL FUNDS ARE OK, Nobody is running with your few sats from tips. Especially not fiatjaf.
So... fiatjaf have to do a manual process with those withdrawals:
  • refill node LN channels with the amount necessary for pending withdrawals. Running a LN node with enough liquidity for many withdrawals is not easy. Run your own node and you will see how is it.
  • he will refill 1M sats per batch
  • if your withdrawal it fails, try again later or use smaller amounts.
The procedure to withdraw is simple:
  1. Go to Telegram and type / balance. See how much you have USABLE. note it down.
  2. Open whatever other LN wallet and create an invoice with that amount. I suggest to put it slightly less, for LN fees and also a small donation to fiatjaf, for his work. Copy that LN invoice
  3. Go to lntxbot chat again and type /paynow lnbc1.... (paste there your LN invoice).
Done. You will receive your sats in your other LN wallet.
As I said: be patient, sometimes the bot is heavy accessed and have to restarted. That's why fiatjaf want to shut it down for restructure.
it’s the risk of individual project, good lucks
he will refill 1M sats per batch
What's the reasoning for such small batches? My balance on LNTXBOT is actually above that amount.
There are too many desperate lntxbot conflip degenerate gamblers that want their sats out. People in general do not have patience, this is a painful manual process that take time. For more users taking out sats, more bot node will drain out channels, so fiatjaf will need to refill those.
Now he implemented a quick "waiting line" for withdrawals to slow down this madness.
People should just stay calm, it's supposed to even be back maybe. But if users will be so impatient, will make angry fiatjaf and will never resuscitate this wonderful bot. Don't stress him too much.
No worries, thanks! I appreciate all the work that @fiatjaf and yourself are doing. This is making a huge positive impact on Bitcoin.