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A bit sobering to hear TFTC podcast on OP_VAULT and Bitcoin Governance with James O'Beirne.

It seems like it is a very hard slog being a core dev, requiring a great deal of patience. It seems to be hard to get across new ideas and can be difficult for new devs to get welcomed into contributing.

He mentioned a stat that "to get 3 billion people on Lightning tomorrow would fill the mempool up for 3 years."

I am not sure what to make of this. Maybe it will sort itself out over the longer term? Having a free-for-all on the codebase is not acceptable either.

Just finished up implementing slashtags auth. Overall pretty good experience. Took a solid day of work - most of which was spent trying to understand it and then situate it in my code. By comparison it took about a half day to do lnurl-auth.

When you're developing locally, the NAT holepunching is great. The documentation needs work but that's to be expected.

Going to review with fresh eyes tomorrow and deploy, then work on Open Timestamps.

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Thanks for your hard work man.

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I updated my nostr pub key on my profile page. Should that maybe show automatically when Nostr pubkey is associated?

Yep, it should

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Also fun thing with using SN account as your Nostr lightning address - I get SN notification when someone sends me sats on Nostr :)

The one gap there is that I have no idea who just sent me those 100 sats over Nostr... well I have some idea

A couple of weeks ago I started creating videos about bitcoin lifestyle platforms for SatoshiTV on Youtube.

I did a video about Stacker News:

I'm still creating more videos about bitcoin lifestyle platforms, so it will mean a lot if you could give me some feedback on areas you feel would need improvement. I'm always open to learning.

And if you liked my video on Stacker News it will mean a lot if you could share it.

Thanks, guys 🧡

well done

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Totally enjoying Michael Salors page, just take a look at this!!! The images on his page are just out of this world!!

PS. How are you doing @k00b, you keep looking to know about us, it's high time we checkback on you!

I listened to a Twitter spaces on Drivechains yesterday. That guy Paul Sztorc is trying to push BIP 300/301. TBH, I am unqualified to know if Drivechains pose any threat to the Bitcoin network. I do know it is hard to make any changes to Bitcoin. The prospect of one last change that opens up many doors is pretty alluring.

The main thing I'd be interested in is a privacy sidechain. The Canadian Trucker incident, although it definitely could have been handled much better, shows, IMO the only thing that remains to be desired is more privacy. When CZ handed over the KYC info of Navalny"s donors to Putin, we realize that sometimes people might die due to these limitations.

The argument that it would kill all the shitcoins, however, may not actually end up working out. It implies the main reason for the existence of them is their usecase as opposed to something to gamble on. Their usecase is just an excuse to gamble on them, and they will still have that.

But, once again, I am beyond by depth trying to understand if Drivechains pose a threat to Bitcoin.

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I don’t believe in god but trust that pushing veneration through the body makes god exist if only for a second within the chambered nuances of breath

DCAing by using my Bitcoin reward credit and debit cards to buy everything as well as a daily Bitcoin purchase. Then shipping it all to cold storage!

Green morning everyone!!! Just sat down and brewed my daily dose of hot Java, markets are green and it is good, it's a lovely Tuesday and it's nice and cool, it will be a great day and I wish you a day filled with success and profits. Be well my friends and stay frosty!!

Thanks coach

Anytime!! Today has that good vibe in it, it's in the air and it is good!!!