This is a bummer. I just want to tip with lightning. They used to allow that. If they have to require user logins, why not allow login with lightning?

I loved their alpha release, but I will never use this if they are going to require user logins like this.

Register? Bye.

It's just an email address. Can be throwaway, made up, doesn't matter. Lightning login coming soon.

Jesus. Tough crowd.

Nice. Why I need to register ? I just want listen music and drop sats straight from any LN wallet.

no clue ... I havent used it yet..... Damn ... there is so many LN creator focused projects .... I barely can keep up!

This wavelake is really needed. I am glad that someboy is doing it. Also is really cool. And login only with ln-auth.

Cool player power to the creators

🤘 Great job launching this!

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very clean interface!

I agree with comments team, remove the register barrier to tip. Just let me tip.

Please add lightning login !!!

Awesome yea guessing they want an email for sending out marketing or account maintenance.