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consistently impressed with the speed of new bitcoin product launches, hard to keep up!

Thanks @kr ! I wouldn't call it a launch yet, but we're getting there.

Big fan of your show, love what you're doing in the space!

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thanks, excited to follow along with your progress!

Thank you for mentioning! Please be careful when using it, we are still in early development.

If you have any questions, I just made a Telegram group:


You can also report bugs, request features etc. there

A world where everyone uses multi-mint chaumian ecash wallets that seamlessly exchange tokens/lightning balances/onchain utxos is coming... Throw in federated custodianship a la Fedi, together with some top notch UX and you have completed the entire world running on this in a matter of years. The future is bright.

Nutstash! Great name. Does it have good wang support?

Thanks! what's Wang support? i hope this is not what i think it is.

Well it all depends on whether you added jism string support.

Love the web based and quick innovation on the cashu stuff. One question that is important and something that'll come up with some of my projects is the fact that these are IP based and not TOR.

The benefits of receive funds and then spend without being tied back to the original funds is kind of lost when it comes to the fact that the same IP address is being used, right? Is that being solved at all here with the communication back to the mints?

Maybe a warning that the webpage should be used in a tor browser in order to get the anonymous functionality users are expecting here?

I think what you said is valid. The mint could basically doxx users that are connecting with their IP. But then again, if you're trying to maximize privacy/anonymity , you would probably already be using something like a proxy/vpn/tor

Maybe building it into the protocol is an option, but for now, it's the users responsibility to connect over a proxy

I’m so confused I already have a cashu wallet that’s browser based

I know nothing about the quality of the app, but misspellings and syntax problems on the home page are concerning. Maybe they just need a good editor? The idea sounds interesting.

Hey, I'm the creator of nutstash.app . Unfortunately, english is not my first language. I appreciate the criticism, i'll try to get better. The project is open source, btw. If you feel like fixing som grammar bugs, i would greatly appreciate it!


If you don't want to mess around with the code, you can let me know about the mistakes on Telegram : https://t.me/+DRy-rSe5wQtlYTk1

Good luck to you. Interesting idea. Unfortunately I'm not a great editor myself, nor do I trust myself enough to mess with your code, so I will mention the mistakes I see on telegram.