Hi, I am Katie

a Bitcoiner, a wife and mother and a huge advocate for Flag theory/Jurisdictional arbitrage.
As an immigrant myself, I got to experience the benefits of the Flag Theory before knowing the term. As I kept expending the ways I could benefit from my other passport/residency/foreign bank account, the more I wanted to find the way to scale it. 

This is how I stubbed upon the world of Jurisdictional Arbitrage and later founded Plan B passport where we help Bitcoiners to strategize and execute on their flag theory.
My definition of Flag Theory - the way of limiting your dependency on any one particular state by stacking flags in jurisdictions beneficial for you and your family.
What’s something you believe about bitcoin that almost no one agrees with you on, including other bitcoiners?
Any novel advice for working mothers?
Don't trust books. Make it work your way, your mother's intuition knows better. Prioritize sleep and diet.
What is the relation between Bitcoin and Flag theory? In what ways do they help each other?
Both are about not trusting the state Both are about "decentralizing" things - nodes in the network, flags in jurisdictional arbitrage/decentralizing your identity. Both bring forward the "sovereign Individual" thesis.
These two really do go hand in hand.
if you had to spend the rest of your life as a resident of just one country in the world, which would you pick and why?
I am not willing to even imagine this scenario, it hurts me deeply. I've lived in 4 countries, traveled to over 25 and there has never been a feeling "I am ready to spend the rest of my life here."
Geopolitics is a fucked up game and instead of fighting the system, struggling from politicians' choices, dealing with insane policies, I would rather be willing to move.
I am not running whenever a problem appears, but having an ability to get out, and being ready is just part of the prepper mentality that makes you stronger and gets you in control of the situation in a moment of crisis.
Do you have any Underground Citadels planned? If so, do you want to put together a very hands on basic lifesaving skills course.
I'd be down to put this together.
Underground Citadels is totally a passion project. The priorities are a bit different right now, making sure the team's focus is on the most important things - launching new jurisdiction, new products, preparing operations for the bull market.
That being said, we will most likely throw an underground citadel in 2023.
Our vision has always been to have a two-day event. One "classroom" based, and one hands-on at gym/shooting range/farm etc.
You will know it first!
First, our homebirthing experience so far has been amazing. Very personal, very relaxed, and we're happy to have met Lauren. Thanks for advocating the process.
My question is:
What kind of opportunity do you see in helping Bitcoiners interested in building in the States? Any plans to help with inbound Visas?
Isn't it amazing?
The difference between hospital experience and midwife service is like a night and day. So much more personalized, so much more choices that are given to mother/family. So much more real education instead of being brainwashed into the most convenient way for the hospital stuff.
US immigration is something I personally went through and help many friends/family to complete theirs.
The only thing that stops us from opening US immigration doors - tHe LaW. Only a Lawyer can offer these services and I am a proud economics school dropout lol. I do believe that Texas is the place for bitcoin entrepreneurs building stuff, and this is our priority for the next month to figure out.
Hi Katie! is there a consensus on a historical context for flag theory? where does it come from?
What do you think of Armenia’s investment citizendship? Yes it’s a 100k for a not as good passport as Caribean ones, but that money can be held in the stock market or in a bank account, and then withdrawn after 5 years (I think). And it’s a pretty good back-pocket / plan C/third passport as it is uncorrelated.
Armenian passport is definitely an interesting option - both geographically and geopolitically detached from most English-speaking countries.
The CBI requirements are not as cool as you mentioned, but they definitely came up with creative investment options.
There policy draft included things like:
Founding a tech startup with over $1 mil valuation.
$100k investment in a venture capital fund.
But I never got the final CBI documents yet. Let's see
What’s your typical client like? What motivates them?
Our audience is solely Bitcoiners which makes their motivations somewhat similar, but definitely not the same for everyone.
First, distrust in a government. No matter which country my client is from, he/she really want to distribute risks - limit their dependency on one particular state in case "shit hits the fan" or 6102 on Bitcoin becomes a reality. Basically, an insurance policy to get out in case of an emergency. Hence the "Plan B passport" name.
Second, taxation. Not everyone is willing to give up 40% of their capital gains. The jurisdictions we work with have zero-cap-gains taxes. Love it.
There are few more reasons - maybe they need for a more powerful passport (ex: Russians/Iranians can't travel anywhere due to the weakness of their passport in worldwide geopolitics)
Another reason - actual expatriation. We see a lot of Digital Nomads moving to Latin America for a fun lifestyle and low cost of living. Mexico, Brazil, Costa Rica, El Salvador are becoming more and more popular amongst Bitcoiners.
Seems kind of ironic to me. People who distrust governments pay thousands to be known in another government ID database and this is sold as jurisdictional arbitrage?
Passports suck in all forms of existence period.
The same bitcoiners who push no-KYC but yet promote putting your ID across multiple government databases is a walking contradiction
You don't have to convince me. The whole system is fucked. But instead of falling into a common anarchist depression, I am willing to find ways that will benefit me and my family until we get to the point where we can get rid of this.
What’s the most surprising thing you’ve learned running Plan B?
To build a strong company you don't need a strict schedule - you need disciplined people.
When hiring talent - experience is less important than passion, ability to learn and matching values!
I like the idea of Flag Theory. What is the minimum cost requirements for I to qualify for Flag Theory,say in order to stack a flag in Chicago, USA. Thank you.
which jurisdictions are most popular for second passports for bitcoiners today?
New Saint Kitts offer with $50k discount quickly making it our top product.
Saint Lucia used to be the #1 for single applicants.
Mexico residency blew up like we didn't expect.
Jurisdictional arbitrage is cool and all but there should be some other solution than paying about 8 BTC for a tiny Caribbean island's pasport.
How are Digital Nomads doing in terms of jurisdictional arbitrage?
Whoa! Ok got two questions…
What’s some memorable moments that you remember from being apart of Citadel 21?
and 🫠 Katie will you come on Thriller pod?
  1. Are the pass-ports actually a license to travel from a so called government?
  2. If are something like that, are not those against the human rights chart, that says clearly, you have the right to travel freely?
  3. If these are contradictory, why people still obey governments and ask for "license to travel" ?
  1. When were created and used for the first time, in human history, the pass-ports?
  2. What does it means the word "pass-port"?
  3. Are the pass-ports owned by the bearer?
  4. What happen if I do not want ANY citizenship / pass-port? I want to be just myself (a sovereign individual), not a citizen (bond to a corporation named "country")?