Gamers of stacker news, I'm excited to introduce a project I've been working on called Satlantis. Its a minecraft server with a full bitcoin economy, including ASICs, lightning withdraws/deposits, and even hashrate pooling with your clan. We'll be giving out 10 million sats to players over the next 10 weeks.

You can learn more on our discord here:

Hope to see you all in there!

Great work! You should show this to the zebedee team!

+1 Great Job! I have been hinting Minecraft to Zebedee in every thread

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Absolutely incredible. I tried it out myself today earlier, first ever real attempted session at Minecraft. But I also had a friend along whom I brought on in an mission to onboard him into Bitcoin and to explain more about the potentials of hyperbitconiziation. Little did I know he was there to onboard me into Minecraft and so was one of your awesome mods @Satlantis !

I deposited $1 worth of sats via lightning, was given the url in-game, available to be copied easily and pasted into a browser. Sent some sats from my node to my ingame wallet and holy shit the game really changed then. I think today was easily one of the biggest birthpangs I have witnessed of TRUE Lightning integration done within a major video game. Nothing of the sort ENJIN were doing with Minecraft. This rendition of minecraft was really special and also felt like it could be quite an amazing learning experience too if catered for students learning Bitcoin.

My only worry was the guy going around with a kanye2024 clan that was basically just recruiting everyone... kinda raking in huge amount and just distributing it I guess like a mining pool while everyone else is solo lottery mining. All in all though I think this was the first time I have ever played MC with some spirit and I actually enjoyed it. I felt REALLY compelled to learn how to earn ingame currency which could be used for sats. That was a fun moment for sure which I thought I would never see.

Honestly, vibes of Ready Player One came to mind. We just need alot more players on the server at all times of the day! I mean ALOT more players... I was playing with 6 others and the server could hold 200 so yeah... this makes me think of other survivalism based games that could reign so strongly with LN integration.


Thanks so much for this thoughtful review. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Hope to see you in there again soon!

Yes, I agree. With a lot more players this would be even more cool.

However, more hash rate will join the race to win sats haha

I've been testing and playing this for a few months now and it's been a ton of fun, even just to log in for 30 minutes a day to mine and collect sats. Really well polished, highly encourage checking it out!

Where's the btc symbol visible on the map

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There is a giant BTC symbol in the main HQ where there's like a crossroad of things you can do. It's actually pretty epic how much work they've put into this thing. I thought minecraft was for youngins... and I can see it is but I can also see the appeal of a huge sandbox with crazy potential for self growth. I wonder if the walmart or amazon giftcards are really purchaseable with sats... I wouldn't be surprised as the entire thing is truly a sat city.

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I wonder if the walmart or amazon giftcards are really purchaseable with sats...

They are, no? I mean, you deposit sats and then you buy stuff with it. Including gift cards.

Will try later

Its waiting for you to build it!

I only played minecraft for a few hours in my life but I may indeed give this a try lol

It'd be really nice if there was a way to interact with this without having to use Discord.

you can connect to the game directly with server ip:

Make sure to use use Minecraft version 1.16.5

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it'd be even nicer if it was Minetest instead of Minecraft

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Super dope! If I'd have time I'd be redstoning all the things

My kids will love this! Awesome!

My son and I are having a lot of fun in Satlantis, thanks for building it. We built world's dedicated to Bitcoin a few years ago on our server - I'm keen to share the projects we worked on in there if you are interested:)

That would be great! Feel free to reach out directly on discord or twitter @playsatlantis

I don't play Minecraft but still put down my two sats sharing it on my twitter acc. Keep up the work!

Can some1 TL;DR ?

Play game, collect resources, fuel ASIC, earn sats

Can someone help me understand this better pls?

It sounds like people can start their own Minecraft servers. Is the code open source?

And can anyone use one of the client apps and connect to any server that lets them connect? Sounds like there is some protocol underneath to communicate between client apps and server. Is that protocol open?

And you are running Minecraft server that uses Lightning for people to trade stuff inside the game?

"And you are running Minecraft server that uses Lightning for people to trade stuff inside the game?"

This is more or less it. Its a custom minecraft server with sats as the currency of the world. There's a lot more to it than that though. There's also in-game ASICs, hashrate, and games and more. You can check out the discord to learn all the details, or just pop in the game to check it out yourself.

Server IP: MC Version: 1.16.5

I never played Minecraft but hear kids talking about it all the time. This sounds incredible. I will give it a try.