Hello fellow bitcoiners,
I would like to present you the new LNbits Documentation page (wiki). I was working on this page for several days, together with @PlebTag
We wanted to have all the information together in one place, for all new LNbits users, to be easy to start using this awesome Lightning solution software.
In time, it will be added more stuff (troubleshooting, guides, extensions, use cases etc). I hope you will like it and help you understanding and learning more about LNbits.
The LNbits Wiki is built inside the LNbits Github repository and is very simple structured:
  • Home - introduction to LNbits
  • LNbits Documentation - gigantic page with all sorts of information, starting with installation procedures, troubleshooting, building with LNbits and ending with instructions for new developers.
  • LNbits Extensions - a list of all extensions available and some quick reference guides
  • Powered by LNbits - a huge list of all kind of projects using LNbits
  • Tutorials and Guides - various community guides and video tutorials
I am delighted! That's great! 🎉
LNbits is awesome
All for the win!! 🧡⚡️🧡
Great job organizing it into one place.
10k sats for great work! Agree that LNbits underrated project with huge potential
May The Bitcoin Be With You
Very awesome timing for me and I imagine the planet too :D Thank you!
Awesome guys!!