Bitcoin demonstrates the capability of benefitting many people, even if they don't realize or hold the asset.
In its current form:
  1. Bitcoin offers an alternative monetary system and provides an opt-out mechanism:
  • This alternative option makes central banks and fiat proponents at least consider "trying" to maintain some credibility and policy to have a stable currency (Powell raising rates etc.). Bitcoin is a check on governments and central banks.
  • when fiat eventually collapses, Bitcoin will provide the alternative option of a sound commodity-based currency.
  1. Energy system benefits:
  • As a buyer of first and last-resort energy, bitcoin provides a location-agnostic buyer that balances supply and demand for energy. Miner's incentives result in efficient energy infrastructure being developed that has wide-ranging benefits for everyone in the area.
In some ways holding Bitcoin is like having a call option on a truth-based society built upon verifiable scarcity. Unlike an option there is no expiry date or Theta to consider. While Bitcoin goes thru price discovery it can be priced like an option on the chances that society transitions to a bitcoin standard. This option has value as when that reality occurs, the value of a satoshi is hard to comprehend.
And it does this while being a bearer instrument with no counterparty risk.
Good article. For a split second I thought you were going to shill Theta coin, in which case I was going to refer you to this video
I betrayed my ignorance of options terminology!
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