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Integrating the nostr guide at with nostr 😅

Each entry in the guide will have a corresponding note on nostr, with reactions and comments.

Good morning gang!! Hope everyone is doing good this fine Monday, just finished my hot cup of Java and caught up with some news, it seems the bulls are awake and pumping, BTC is nice and steady, alts are booming so it feels profit is in the air, if you had FUD no worries just DCA BTC and hodl, hoard those things you'll be OK at the end of 2023. Time for me to head to work and start the week, so have a wonderful week and be well my friends, stay frosty!!

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Just running some technical analysis on possible movement in the crypto space...

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buy now or pullback incoming?

Buy now. Buy when pull back happens buy again at ATH. Just remember bitcoin is finite it will run out not if but when

Some stats after each 5,000 items.

SN Item #125,000: Jan 21, 2023 (12 days since Jan 9, 2023) 417 / day

New Items (Posts and Comments) Per Day

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TA confirms higher highs and higher lows... 🚀

Comparing that to the User Analytics (monthly interval) that is available with SN:

SN User Analytics - Forever duration

happy monday y'all

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I just had an epiphany from a podcast earlier- every bitcoin maximalist's exit strategy from bitcoin is death

The final great boating accident

No Sleep Till Brooklyn :)

Solved 1 ps on leetcode related to arrays(bucket sort). Will implement SplashScreen -> HomeScreen(isWalletCreated=true)Or AuthScreen(isWalletCreated=false) on LightningX today. 🎯

Making another listing on can I go 2 for 2 on sales?

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looks like v2 of lightning movie has launched, has anyone here watched a full movie on it yet?

How about using wireless electricity for Bitcoin mining with less or no negative effect to human beings. Can Tesla electricity be a possibility?

maybe, if we could get the US Gov to publish Tesla's papers! Or someone manages to figure it out, and not yet another hoaxer claiming overunity.