This is has been around for a long time.

Its done client side, meaning you can load the page, disconnect from the internet, and generate the key pair.

You probably already know this but I mention just in case:

  • This is not really a wallet it is just a single key. So whoever uses this will want to sweep the key before spending it. There is no change address natively as this is a single key.
  • I would not put any significant amount on these address. As this is not the most secure method of storing bitcoin.

There maybe a newer solution out there for Vouchers. Other people will probably chime in with the new hotness.

Thank you!

If you are considering this, at least use a private key you've generated yourself (e.g., from a python script), and not the keys BitAddress creates using the browser in Javascript.

And for better security, load the page locally, and not from that website:

Here's a way to create a paper wallet from python alone:

For bulk paper wallets, here's python to do that:

And for those, there's the suggestion to not use pip to install, but use the source code, as mentioned here:

Nice. Local tools preferred for known reasons.