Please, leave suggestions and what do you think about it if you have used it.

31 sats \ 0 replies \ @Roll 24 Jan an open-source, client-side tool for creating Bitcoin paper wallets. another open-source, client-side tool that supports multiple cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin.

MyEtherWallet: a popular tool for creating Ethereum paper wallets. It also supports other Ethereum-based tokens. an open-source, client-side tool for creating Litecoin paper wallets.

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Don’t do it son!

Nice alias.

Make sure you air gap your shit before running anything obviously

Create a brain wallet by looking at the list of seed words.

If you use 24 words , the last word is determined by your first 23. Read up on it so you know what you are doing.

I used 18 words for mine, I could choose between 4 for the last word (I think)

No. The point is to create piece of paper, print it and drop it for sweeping into wallet after scanning QR.

Scissors, a piece of paper, a pen and a can of beer

Didn't work for me

They are relics unless they are used for a single time as vouchers.

используй логику.

Actually, Samourai Wallet can do it.

If you must: Flip a coin 256 times Micron archival ink pens 4x6 lined index cards (12+ lines x 2 = 24) Quart Ziploc bags

Don't use paper wallets. There.

Paper wallets are terrible security practice.

скачай полный блокчейн и создай. потом напечатай сколько хочешь ключей и пользуйся. и не забудь выкинуть диск и принтер)))в мусор

What is your end goal?

  • Making paper wallets to hand out to people?
  • Making paper wallets for long term storage?
  • Something else

Single-use voucher.

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If you are planning on giving sats again for orange pilling, onboarding newbies or tipping people, I would advice using one of these (both are lightning based):

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I like lightsats cause if no one uses it. Then it goes back to your wallet. Guess on others you could keep an eye on em. and manually do it.

Thanks but I don't need it. In addition I am too old to remember

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I'm one of the founders at Lightsats, would be cool if you could give us a try and get feedback on what you think.

Our onboarding is more for lightning and not on-chain and one feature we just launched recently was being able to create your own tip cards which can be fully customizable.

We have features built in that lets you track the user progress from claiming their sats to going through the onboarding journey to withdrawing to their own custody.


I'm a big fan! I sent multiple tips already- But would you guys consider offering the on-boarding section without phone/email sign up? or at least change the default sign up to email for more privacy? I feel a bit like starting someone off on the wrong foot if the first interaction they have with a bitcoin org wants their phone number. thanks again

Thank you!!

Yes we are working on a new onboarding now that we offer users to print their own tip cards, the onboarding wouldn't as the user to authenticate, it would first take them through onboarding to download their wallet and if they want to authenticate we would teach them how to sign in using LNURL-auth!

We also have a "⏭ Skip Onboarding" feature where the user lands on the claim page and instead of asking them to authenticate via phone number or email they see an LNURL-w they can click and withdraw funds right away, only thing is that in this part we don't have the onboarding set up yet.


The reason we went with Phone Number or Email was because when we originally built the product was for bitcoiners to be able to tip people of service bitcoin, so If I was to tip a waitress after having my meal, I would show her the QR Code and most likely she would get around at looking at her tip after the shift. If there's no authentication and they close the browsing session there's no way for them to recover it.

качай полный кошелек. выключай сеть и создовай)))

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This is has been around for a long time.

Its done client side, meaning you can load the page, disconnect from the internet, and generate the key pair.

You probably already know this but I mention just in case:

  • This is not really a wallet it is just a single key. So whoever uses this will want to sweep the key before spending it. There is no change address natively as this is a single key.
  • I would not put any significant amount on these address. As this is not the most secure method of storing bitcoin.

There maybe a newer solution out there for Vouchers. Other people will probably chime in with the new hotness.

Thank you!

If you are considering this, at least use a private key you've generated yourself (e.g., from a python script), and not the keys BitAddress creates using the browser in Javascript.

And for better security, load the page locally, and not from that website:

Here's a way to create a paper wallet from python alone:

For bulk paper wallets, here's python to do that:

And for those, there's the suggestion to not use pip to install, but use the source code, as mentioned here:

Nice. Local tools preferred for known reasons.