I want to explore different use cases of integrating Nostr functionality in Breez. Not exactly sure if/how to structure it as a bounty, but I would definitely sponsor quality work around it.

A few projects ideas:

  • Nostr login: login to nostr web clients using Breez (a-la LNURL-Auth) or add great Nostr web client in Breez's Apps section with auto login (a-la WebLN integration).

  • Use Nostr for podcast episode comments:

    1. The first commenter creates a text event that says something like: "comments about episode 123 of podcast abc at https://episode.url.com/" and a metadata tag that references the podcast episode URL.
    2. the second commenter will search for an event with that tag (if it doesn't find it it will create, as in step 1) then create an event referencing that, as a reply.
    3. When you want to see all comments for that episode you just find the event id of the "root" event and then query all replies to it.
  • Add a full blown nostr client to Breez in its own section (like the podcast player).

Breez is ofc an open source project: https://github.com/breez/breezmobile

If there are flutter (UI)/go (BL) devs that wanna explore these ideas, please contact me directly on telegram (@roysheinfeld) or email roys AT breez.technology ⚡💪🙏


I think it's a great idea to delegate key management and message signing to software that was created with heavy security requirements in mind, like Breez. I'd be happy to chip in some sats, e.g. via Geyser crowdfunding (cc @metamick14 )

Hey Roy, great idea. For the first item it'd be enough for Breez to support NIP-07 (https://github.com/nostr-protocol/nips/blob/master/07.md) to allow any web based nostr client to be used as an app.

I think you are on to something here, a WebLN-enabled Lightning wallet allows for the best payments UX on nostr imo. Would be great to onboard people to nostr and Lightning with a non-custodial sovereign wallet like Breez.

I'm helping develop one of the web clients called snort, would be happy to help push this forward. Code is on GitHub https://github.com/v0l/snort

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Yep, I'm aware of nip-07. The nostr app would have to be WebLN aware and convert the bolt11 invoices to webln.sendPayment. In any case, would love to support this integration, feel free to contact me directly to discuss further.

Use Nostr for podcast episode comments

I think it could go even further with the metadata for podcasts/music/etc being published out as Nostr events using the content field as a structured JSON for example (perhaps a slimmed down version of what we see in podcast 2.0 RSS feeds). Not sure if anyone else is thinking about this, too -- we definitely are. I imagine we could have media players that aggregate these media events for listeners/viewers and then allow users to publish comments, payments, or other reactions to that media event. Then any player would not only be able to present the content itself to its users but also gather and present all the reactions to it, regardless of where those reactions came from.

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I suggested a metadata tag that references the episode URL (see #1) to have single source of truth. You can use this metadata to receive notifications, filter etc.

Right. My thinking was that linking to a native Nostr event id would be cleaner and allow any downstream event to not only link to the content but also have access to whatever other metadata was included in the structured event.

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Breez could generate nostr keys and keep them safe. But users would still use nostr clients like snort.social to nostr. The benefit is that users likely have a backup of their lightning wallet and this could cover their nostr key(s) as well making nostr security a breeze:)

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That's idea #1 :)

hope you find who you need, lighting + nostr sounds like an epic combo

Would love to see such implementation. Messaging could be used as internal support chat between merchants and their "on-boarder" (read: me).

Is there an easier way to explain how nostr/lightning network really works?

The possibilities are limitless. I look forward to watching your progress

Don't get me wrong.. #nostr integration is nice and all...

But isn't implementing an always-on PayJoin solution (with a standard for the backend for talking to other wallet providers) the real #1 priority in wallet development ?

How can we ever win if fungibility and privacy are not fixed first?

slightly off topic, but is breez for android ever going to be released and available outside of "beta testing"? compare https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.breez.client vs https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.vitorpamplona.amethyst

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lol we're out of beta in iOS because of TestFlight users limitations. Tbh, Breez isn't a beta compared to other wallets, it just that we think we still need to set the right expectations re lightning in general. Payments still fail, channels still get forced close. It's getting better over time, but are we there yet?

understood. thanks for the response yeah, from what I hear about breez in the space, I think its probably way beyond beta now.

Many other wallets are available as released apps though, phoenix, wos, muun etc. blixt is very early but they add a "yes, I'm reckless, continue" prompt :)

I just cant get past the "log into google" page, since I have an android but don't know where my credentials are for the phone specific google account which I setup a few years ago.

Hope you can get pushed out of "testing" and into playstore sooner than later :) or maybe you can release an apk

1- nip7 support should be pretty straight forward to add and then apps will get window.nostr support. 2- basically replicate https://github.com/fiatjaf/nocomment functionality. 3- trickier and possibly messier. I vote it's not a good idea unless there's some benefit of having it inside breez. it would be like adding a shoutbox.

#3 is bigger but nothing messier about it imo. We've done it successfully with our POS & podcast player. The app is built for extensibility.

do you imagine it as a full-fledged nostr client with global feed? Or maybe just a few group chat rooms? Not sure if you've noticed but nostr clients are super busy, opening connections to bunch of relays and maintaining local db etc so it's not lightweight and could be a slow experience.

We'll see. not at first, but if you can have a nostr client outside of Breez, you can also have it Breez with no or a neglectable performance degradation.