just went to post this! @kr you're quick!

Thanks for sharing.

The swap functionalities built right into a browser app are very intriguing. The use cases for nostr, LN payments, streaming payments could really be next level.

Yep, we're experimenting a lot with Nostr right now.

For example, this feature where you get a Nostr DM every time a deposit is made to your Kollider Wallet:


The vision is good but a lot of bitcoiners here always advise using self-custody wallets, can they bring the stablecoin edge Kollider Wallet brings?

It’s the first wallet that makes it dead simple to spend over the Lightning Network using fiat currencies

Not true. The first was Standard Sats SBW from Nov 2021. Now the app called Valet.


Hope they have a mobile wallet. Mobile is the future

Mobile on the roadmap for 2023!