It seems to me that drivechains improves the user experience of Ethereum and its rollup centric roadmap because in Ethereum you have to select which network/rollup you want to use, then you have to double check you are using it (adresses look the same on each network/rollup) and funds are comonly lost as a result, and the rollups are not even decentralized they are just single sequencers producing blocks which is whom you trust, And honestly we are supporting this behavior by not providing a decentralized alternative like BIP300. These rollups are also growing faster than for example lightning. So in order to avoid a potential catastrophe where these PoA rollups/chains end up with a big network effect and makes hyper bitcoinzation take longer than neccesary and maybe not at all, BIP300 must happen? Just my 50 cents.

Chart of BTCs voting with their feet for Ethereums sidechains/rollups centric roadmap img

I need to spend more time making this case but i think i am on to something.