But even if it doesn't make it, some part of it will make it sometime somewhere. So, we better take care of our privacy online in communications as well as money.
25 sats \ 1 reply \ @l0k18 2 Feb
As I wrote in my little piece yesterday. Centralisation resistance and privacy are the only innovations of any substance possible with tech now, and demand is building. Federated systems like Mastodon are also NGMI, same as Proof of Stake federation protocols. You can't trust anyone.
Create a situation where people must trust to do business, and the scumbags flock to it like crows to a corpse. Make a centralised or federated system and before you know it there is tyrants at the top. Only centralisation resistant systems are stable. It's just a matter of time.
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Anyway, the more things and ideas people try and experiment with, the more information we'll have to make better whatever protocols, systems, programs, etc. that "Ya Gona Make It".