sheesh, people don't even try anymore. almost no info at all on the site. features? faq? any possible reason why someone might want to try this app?

Came here to reply with the same.

More info in Blip!:

Built On Bitcoin’s Lightning Network, BLIP Wants To Make Your Chats Unstoppable

Blip! crowdfunding page

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I found it a few weeks ago and I put myself on the waiting list. They've alerted me like an hour ago, wen I posted it here. :-)

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I can't try it, even if I wanted to, since I don't own any mobile phone with a version of Android higher than 7. I haven't found any excuse to justify throwing any of my sats on one, or throwing any fiat instead of selling that fiat for sats. I've been pondering if Keet would be that first excuse, and for the moment I've decided it isn't yet.

Keet currently only integrates with an LND instance. Also, just want to take this opportunity to remind people that Tox basically already does the same thing.

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It'd be interesting if it integrated other kind of wallets, too.

I have been obsessively ruminating over related subjects today. Like, how awesome would it be if you could run some app that connects via RPC API to your WoS wallet to initiate payments.

The use case relates to the bad times when opening a channel for LN would be prohibitively expensive for a service that you use less than say $20/month on, that needs to frequently make small payments, like once a day or so. Or Breez or Phoenix, or other LN wallets.

This would greatly distribute the required effort to build these apps if you can offload the legwork for some parts of the job to others, just like how keet offloads LN to lnd.

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Do you know if it's at all possible to use the same toxid in two different devices? I tried uTox, Toxic, and aTox and it seems that I'm NGMI. LOL

If you click on your profile in qTox, the main Linux version, in the box labeled "Profile" at the bottom there is an "Export" button. You can also just click on the profile location and find your profile file, which will be named "username.tox". It should be possible to take this file (it's about 6kb) and import into other versions.

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Yes, I exported my profile from Toxic and tried importing it from aTox, but I don't receive anything sent to that profile. And the same happened with uTox. I didn't try qTox, since my religion forbids me from using Qt.

Yeah, I'm not so interested in Tox now, it doesn't sync between two separate installations. Seems like it must have had a big spam problem and their solution precluded multiple profiles being interlinked.

Keet has no mechanism to easily copy ID between different installations but the room invites allow you to have a user profile for each different installation.

So it's already better!

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Oh, I though you were, and that you were using it regularly or something. I'm not especially interested wither, although the Toxic client is really cool.

I haven't tried on Keet, actually, since it won't run on any of my phones. :-)

Yeah, I have just also discovered that you have to manually add a contact as the interface only shows the 65 character public key and not the "nospam" and check value. They do this to stop spam, apparently. So you should keep a little file of your contacts' ToxIDs as the interface doesn't make it visible.

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I see, thanks. I'll try to see if I get it to work.

Oh, actually, it does seem to carry over contacts from other installations when you set up your profile using the username.tox file. Just doesn't carry across the label you put on it.

Also, unlike Keet the profiles don't share their avatars.

Another thing is that even when you import your tox file from another installation it doesn't sync the messages between them.

Overall, assuming they add leaving chatrooms and ignoring spammy users who join chatrooms you are in, and the A/V chatting works nice, Keet is already better than Tox for UX.

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Although with no support for mobile devices, neither @µð®øıð nor ıøß. You can always run the Toxic withing Termux, of course, or any other client under PostmarketOS, but most people aren't aware yet of how important it's becoming to move to those: EU Chat Control Law Will Ban Open Source Operating Systems Including All Linux.

Edit: Just found out there's already an @µð®øıð client!

That EU law is NGMI. There is already laws covering this issue. I'm sure you remember forever most forums have had some stupid crap about "you confirm you are over 13 years of age" and look where we are now.

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But even if it doesn't make it, some part of it will make it sometime somewhere. So, we better take care of our privacy online in communications as well as money.

As I wrote in my little piece yesterday. Centralisation resistance and privacy are the only innovations of any substance possible with tech now, and demand is building. Federated systems like Mastodon are also NGMI, same as Proof of Stake federation protocols. You can't trust anyone.

Create a situation where people must trust to do business, and the scumbags flock to it like crows to a corpse. Make a centralised or federated system and before you know it there is tyrants at the top. Only centralisation resistant systems are stable. It's just a matter of time.

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Anyway, the more things and ideas people try and experiment with, the more information we'll have to make better whatever protocols, systems, programs, etc. that "Ya Gona Make It".

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What does NGMI stand for? Sorry, my English sucks badly.

not gonna make it

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Oh, I see. Thanks. X-D

Sheikh Roberto uses this expression in this video. Hilarious.

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Another advantage of Keep over Tox is that you can invite people to a channel and then start private conversation with them, without having to give up your ID first. If you don't have any other private way to communicate it, I find it a little inconvenient.

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It'd be interesting if it integrated other kind of wallets, too.

Horrible launch time with keet and damus coming out on mobile

Damus just came out on the fruit shop, and it seems it's doing quite well...

Or perfect timing since people are really thirsty for privacy options?

No direct APK download - that means it require Google play shit to work. Downloaded through apkure method and tried to install it on LineageOS and CalyxOS (no google shit).

App it doesn't start, it crashed instantly. That means something is required... google shit.

Nice "privacy" app that require spying tools.

I'll test app today. But when open source? :)