Shitcoins are shitcoins.
If it's not Bitcoin, it's a shitcoin.
What if a coin with the same fundamentals as bitcoin was minted. Completely identical. Would it still be a shitcoin?
Yes. That's usually where shitcoins come from.
This is Bitcoin basics here.
You can't copy Bitcoin. That's why Bitcoin is valuable in the first place.
You can copy the code, you can copy the blockchain, but you can't copy the network effects. You can't copy the Bitcoin mining hardware. You can't copy 10,000's of people running nodes.
Bitcoin is the proof of work cryptocurrency with the highest hash rate.
If you try to copy Bitcoin, you just wind up creating a shitcoin that nobody uses.
It's called a hard fork. BCH is a good example.
You make an incompatible change in the BTC code, and this creates a separate cryptocurrency network. The price goes down forever in BTC terms.
BTC holders also have equivalent amounts of BCH if they held BTC at the time of the hard fork. Hardcore Bitcoiners sold the BCH for more BTC.
The most important thing you personally need to know is that every idea you ever have has already been had millions of times. Bitcoin is perfect. You're just catching up.
Yes exactly. I'm just trying to learn here. I appreciate you walking me through all that. The network effects can't be replicated which is important for adoption.
да... просто все майнеры перейдут на нее... и у тебя будет два биткоина) правельно мыслишь!))) А еще, биткоин сделает твою жизнь скучной и предсказуемой... просто подумай больше над этим и ты все поймешь!)))