I have been on nostr for the past week.
  • things are moving very fast; I have to update my client (Amethyst) just about every day to keep up with the features rolling out
  • waiting on Jack and Elon to get payments right on Twitter was a mistake. Multiple nostr clients support Lightning Addresses in your profile and nicely format invoices in your posts (notes). Damus (iOS) Test flight has already integrated tips (called Zaps). The past 24 hours have been insanely FUN with that feature rolling out
  • not having an algorithm tracking and guiding your usage pattern makes the whole experience more organic, relaxing, and pleasant. You put your phone down feeling like you had a nice time with your friends, instead of simply craving more outrage dopamine
  • Unlike Mastodon, this does not feel like Twitter jail at all. This feels WAY different than the two or three major pushes to make Mastodon a thing. People are staying and having fun