No, not interested 7.5%
No, haven't heard of it0.9%
No, waiting for more people 8.4%
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Not yet but only because I've been so busy. Plan on playing with it at some point this week.

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Do you have 2 minutes to spare? That's what it takes to click on the link to one of the many Nostr web clients, generate a pair of nsec (private) and npub (public) keys, backup your nsec and start reading and posting notes. No need for any identification system, not username and password, no Głøøgł€ email address, no #BirdSite @tag, nuttin'!

Of course, if you happen not to have 2 minutes, you could also just click on the link of a client and start reading and posting notes. You can always backup your nsec later on, maybe another day in which you get something cancelled or rescheduled and you find yourself with nothing else to do for 90 seconds or so. :-)

Not yet, but planning to get on soon™

I have been on nostr for the past week.

  • things are moving very fast; I have to update my client (Amethyst) just about every day to keep up with the features rolling out

  • waiting on Jack and Elon to get payments right on Twitter was a mistake. Multiple nostr clients support Lightning Addresses in your profile and nicely format invoices in your posts (notes). Damus (iOS) Test flight has already integrated tips (called Zaps). The past 24 hours have been insanely FUN with that feature rolling out

  • not having an algorithm tracking and guiding your usage pattern makes the whole experience more organic, relaxing, and pleasant. You put your phone down feeling like you had a nice time with your friends, instead of simply craving more outrage dopamine

  • Unlike Mastodon, this does not feel like Twitter jail at all. This feels WAY different than the two or three major pushes to make Mastodon a thing. People are staying and having fun

Amazing to see 80% are on Nostr.. The biggest leap comes from the ability to use multiple clients with the same identity and data. Very different than twitter and other existing crappy social media.

We are also building an open source native app for Android and iOS. We just received approval from apple for releasing the app on Testflight. We will be rolling out the app in the coming days. here's the project github link and here's where to signup to get access.

I am on #Nostr

Sounds very promising!

Check me out, plebs:


if i created a relay called twitter would you all join?

yes but you have to pay me 8 bucks

Not yet, it seem too technical

Yes, I'm on Nostr, you can follow me npub1h2h5q2k5j009j4ghhsek8scqxtayeegctwy3k9t3klkx5652tmwq09q5y0

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Yes, there are a lot of talented engineers working on the protocol, and you can view and participate in the conversation in real-time on Nostr!


Not my site but one I use alot. You probably will too.

Of course! Having the time of my life competing with other users to win Cowdle games on Damus haha

On it via Damus, but super buggy still can’t even follow people. May be my old device? Just says “Unfollowing…” when trying to tap the follow button.

using , good to see so many other bitcoiners on nostr.

the idea of a github replacement on nostr is a great one!

all the scammers, spam bots and ads on twitter are off putting.

For anyone not there yet, simplest way to start is simply going to iris and choosing a name.

It will generate the private and public keys, and then you can simply export it to use it anywhere.

It's a lot of fun, although I only use it to follow so far.

Add me if anyone wants to chat shit. :)


I am there, but not with an "official" presence. Still experimenting and looking around.

The potential is there.

Yes and I use it more than Twitter

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Only to research, hack and poke holes in the architecture. See a nostr contrarian viewpoint

If you want to follow people, find someone you know and see who they’re following. Saves a LOT of time 🫡

Here’s mine


Heh, followed. Are they all authentic? I was surprised to see Vitalik on your follow list.

Anyone can use any name, but there's a "verification" standard, NIP-05, which basically shows that you have control of a website, or the website allowed you to access some settings, for example here in you can be verified by NIP-05 if you put your nostr public key in settings.

Ah I see! That makes sense, thanks.

No, I haven't really had time to sit down and look into it. Also, I have an Android phone, so using something like Damus isn't an option yet.

iris creates you an account in seconds, and has an Android app.

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Interesting how the poll results vary from one network to another...

nah, figure I'll give it a year or so to shake the kinks out. not particularly social anyway.

What app is good or best for Android users?

Yes but all I’ve done is try cowdle a few times. I doubt I’ll spend much time on it

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